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1 Swap 4 Earth Campaign

Encouraging you to live more sustainably...

Miss Eco United Kingdom Finalist 2021, Ellie Daglish has collaborated with The Purple Turtle Co, to launch the '1 Swap 4 Earth' campaign.

“It (campaign) encourages individuals to post their #1swap4earth which is your one swap you're making to lead a more eco conscious lifestyle.” Ellie

About 1 Swap 4 Earth

1 Swap 4 Earth wants to raise awareness about the importance of living a more sustainable lifestyle and in turn help our planet.

The campaign encourages people to share their ideas and swaps on how to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. By simply using more Earth kind alternatives in our day-to-day routines we are taking a big step towards sustainability. We all need to work on having a positive impact on the Earth and try to leave it in a better way than when we found it.

Some Swap Ideas

  1. Switch to a refillable deodorant rather than a throwaway

  2. Use shampoo and soap bars rather than plastic bottles

  3. Try reusable bamboo cotton pads rather than disposable cotton pads

  4. Upcycle or repair old clothes rather than throwing them away

  5. Shop preloved and organic clothes rather than using fast fashion brands

  6. Try loose leaf tea with an infuser rather than teabags

  7. Switch to a plant-based milk option rather than cow's milk

  8. Visit a refill store rather than a supermarket

  9. Use beeswax wraps rather than cling film

  10. Try using food huggers to keep half used fruit and veggies fresh rather than wasting them

My Swap For Earth

My favourite swap to date has to be my Wild deodorant. It's refillable, made from anodised aluminium which is lightweight but made to last and the refills are 100% plastic-free, made from plants meaning they can be composted after use!

I am always adding new products into my eco routine to make my lifestyle more sustainable so make sure to follow me on Instagram for my latest updates!

Get Involved

To join in with this campaign, simply take a photo with your favourite swap for Earth and use the #1swap4earth hashtag!

Don't forget to tag Ellie and The Purple Turtle Co on Instagram.

1 Swap 4 Earth Socials

Instagram (Ellie Daglish) -

Instagram (The Purple Turtle Co) -

Hashtags - #1swap4earth

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