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Wonky fruit drinks...

Dash create fruit infused water with misfit 'wonky' fruits.

“Here at DASH Water, we create delicious fruit infused water with simple, sustainable ingredients.” Dash Team

About Dash

Dash a registered B Corporation that creates fruit infused drinks that utilise wonky fruits and vegetables.

The company was founded back in 2017 by Jack and Alex who were witnessing the cause and effect of wood waste, the pair felt compelled to act and that's how Dash was born.

Dash's mission to tackle food waste has two main goals:

  1. To raise awareness for wonky fruits and vegetables and hope that consumers will demand for wonky fruits to be the 'norm'

  2. To lead the way by ensuring that the fruits and vegetables they use are those that would have been rejected by supermarkets

Dash were amazed to find out that around 40% of fruits and vegetable grown here in the United Kingdom are tossed away fore being categorised as 'misfits'. That's why the company have made it their mission to fight food waste.


Dash currently have a range of flavours to try, including:

  • Peach

  • Mango

  • Lemon

  • Raspberry

  • Cucumber

  • Blackcurrant

About The Drinks

Each natural soft drink that Dash creates boasts/is:

  • No calories

  • No sugar

  • No sweetener

  • Vegan (Cruelty Free)

  • Keto Friendly

  • Diabetes Friendly

Each bottle/can is also recyclable!


Dash fruit infused drinks are made from three simple ingredients:

  1. British Spring Water

  2. Wonky Fruit - fruit that is still good but has been; bent, crushed, curved, knobbly or in any other way misshapen

  3. Bubbles


Dash offer subscriptions via their website so that you can save 20% on every order.

You can tailor your subscription with frequency (monthly or bimonthly), flavours (if you choose the pick-and-mix option) and are also able to pause or cancel your subscription at anytime.

The company works hard to offset their emissions and is so proud to be carbon neutral.


By using wonky 'misfit' fruits Dash are able to prevent them from being wasted.

Each can is made from recycled, BPA free aluminium and glass and are completely plastic free! By creating their packaging from recycled aluminium the company uses around 8% less energy than what they would use if they were to produce new materials.

The aluminium that Dash uses is also super lightweight saving on shipping costs and infinitely recyclable!

My Experience

I actually ordered my Dash drinks from Amazon with worked out at a slightly better price than going directly.

One of my favourite flavours has always been peach so I had to go with that option once I saw it. Oddly enough I have never been a fan of sparkling water, to me it tastes like television static but these are not aggressively fizzy and are super refreshing!

The flavour is quite subtle but delicious so I was not disappointed, I can definitely can see myself reaching for more of these. I'm also really keen to see how these will work in cocktails!

Flavour I Tried - Peach

Dash Socials

Website - DASH Water (

Instagram - DASH Water (@dashdrinks)

Facebook - Dash Water - Home | Facebook

TikTok - Dash (@dashdrinks) Official | TikTok

Hashtags - #dash #dashwater

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