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Recyclable, sustainable socks...

Tore creates 100% recycled socks.

“We are committed to making small changes to create a better world with our sustainable socks.” Tore Team

About Tore

Tore is a SOCKSHOP company and a part of the Ruia Group which has over 40 years (since 1983) of experience in the sock industry.

The company creates 100% recycled socks that are made from textile waste and recycled plastic bottles. By Tore utilising this waste they have stopped it from diverting to landfills and oceans!

Why Tore?

The name tore comes from the phrase 'totally recycled'.

About The Socks

Each three pack pair of Tore socks is made from around 2.4 plastic bottles and industrial textile waste but they are also:

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Saves around 1,050 litres of water compared to other cotton socks

  • Certified by the Textile Exchange Organisation

  • Saves 90grams of textile waste from ending up in landfill or our oceans

  • Saves 23.7grams or plastic waste from ending up in landfill or our oceans

What Are The Socks Made Of?

The fabrics that Tore use to create their socks include:

  • Recycled Cotton

  • Recycled Polyester & Polyamide

  • Recycled Elastane

Due to these materials Tore are able to state that all of their socks are made from 100% recycled materials.


Tore currently offer a few different styles of socks including:

  • Sport Socks

  • Trainer Socks

  • Boot Socks

They also come in a great range of colours and designs so you can adapt them to your outfit and mood.


Tore are proud to use only recycled materials within their packaging.

The company currently use a factory in Turkey to manufacture their sustainable socks. The factory itself holds a RCS 100, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and GOTS certification.

To ensure the welfare of the factory workers, Tore made sure that the factory followed strict ethical practices. The factory they use holds a SEDEX and SMETA certificate but on top of that, Tore are also a part of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) which is an alliance of companies committed to improve the lives of the most vulnerable workers across the globe.

Tore also want to encourage us all to recycle our Tore socks once they reach their end of life so that the can go on to become something new!

My Experience

Tore were kind enough to send me over some of their crew socks to test out! I've now found a few sustainable underwear brands which I've mentioned on my blog before but I am always looking for more. These ones from Tore feel like such beautiful quality and are super comfy.

I feel like these would work great for those 'gym wear but make it fashion' looks (one I shared recently over on @alexandra.mount) as the white crews are so sleek.

I 100% recommend giving Tore a try if you're looking for more sustainable socks as I'd say they are up there with the likes of Nike!

Items I Have - Plain Crew Sports Socks (Grey & White)

Tore Socials

Website - TORE - 100% Recycled Socks - Sustainable Socks (

Instagram - TORE (@wearetore)

Facebook - TORE | Facebook

TikTok - TORE (@wearetore) | TikTok

Hashtags - #tore #wearetore #toresocks

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