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Ahimsa Dairy Foundation

A slaughter-free farm in Rutland...

Ahimsa farm is a slaughter-free farm based in Rutland.

“In summary: We are non-violent and love our animals, and they love us too!” Ahimsa Team

About Ahimsa Dairy Foundation

Ahimsa Dairy Foundation is a beautiful, independent, not-for-profit, farm based in Rutland which may be classed as small but is self sustaining!

The company works to provide entirely slaughter-free milk to people around the United Kingdom and has a mission to make slaughter-free milk a reality and establish more sustainable dairy farms so that people can make a real ethical choice.

Ahimsa has sustainability at the heart of what they do and as part of their energy-saving and environmentally conscious ethos the farm gives oxen work by sourcing ploughs and treadmills instead of using commercial equipment like most other farms.

The company believe that Ahimsa milk is the milk of the future and they will continue to work hard to make that future possible!

What Does Ahimsa Mean?

The word “Ahimsa” means “non-violent” and comes from the traditional, ancient Indian method of farming. Ahimsa farming avoids any harm to the animals or land.

Cow Names

You're probably wondering what the lovely ladies at Ahimsa in Rutland are called, well here's a quick list:

  • Buttercup

  • Dahlia

  • Kamala

  • Poppy

  • Rolly

Ahimsa Milk

The Ahimsa milk is of the highest possible quality, organic and also of the highest welfare standard.

Ahimsa milk does taste different to normal milk and has a far creamier texture that conventional milk that you buy in a grocery store.

Although the milk from the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation does cost more than conventional milk it is a small price to pay to ensure no cow, calf or bull has been harmed in its production.

The Ahimsa Manifesto

Ahimsa want to be 'the next step' and have set out their aims within their manifesto:

  1. Never kill a cow

  2. Calves suckling from mothers

  3. Milking by hand

  4. Giving oxen meaningful work

  5. Natural insemination

  6. Sustainability / replenishing the soil

  7. Retirement for cows

  8. Organic smallholdings - the model of the past and future

  9. The importance of keeping cows even if one doesn't eat dairy

  10. The symbiotic relationship

To find out more visit - Ahimsa Manifesto

My Experience

I was lucky enough to have been gifted the Cow Brushing and Cuddling Experience for my birthday and can now say that it has been one of my absolute favourite gifts ever!

We arrived at the farm bright and early to meet Joanne who was our wonderful guide for the day, she first took us to feed their two pigs and gave us a lovely tour of the farm.

Then it was on to the cow cuddles! We met five lovely and gentle ladies although some were far more focused on having their breakfast than being groomed with their cheeky personalities.

I got to enjoy a long cuddle with Poppy (red and white) who seemed to love all of the attention she was getting and kept posing for the camera. I also fell in love with Rolly their beautiful Swiss Roll and had the pleasure of brushing and stroking her.

We had a truly magically experience and if you love cows as much as I do then I definitely recommend giving the experience a go!

Ahimsa Socials

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