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Blue Hearts For The NHS Campaign

Continue supporting our NHS...

Teen FOEW (Future of Empowering Women) Europe 19/2021, Casey Pemberton wants us to join the 'Blue Hearts For NHS' campaign.

''Let's get behind our NHS and thank them for all they have done'' Casey Pemberton

About Blue Hearts For The NHS

This campaign encourages people to continue supporting our NHS and the amazing work that they do everyday.

For the NHS the pandemic is far from over. The impacts of Covid-19 are still being felt and staff are exhausted and stressed, with many experiencing mental health problems as a result. Yet they turn up, day in day out to care for us all.

Help show the incredible NHS staff the appreciation they deserve and discover the different ways to share your blue heart.

Share Your Heart

They are so many ways to share your blue heart, here are a few ideas:

  • Change your profile photo to a blue heart

  • Add a blue heart to your bio on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/TikTok etc

  • Share your support as a post (like me!)

  • Post a blue heart to your story

I'm sharing a blue heart for the NHS

I'm proud to continue to support the NHS and celebrate our health heroes for the work they do everyday all over the country.

Get Involved

To join in with this campaign you can contact Casey on Instagram where she will add your image to her template, or you can create your own!

Don't forget to tag Casey in your posts and use the #withallourhearts hashtag!

Blue Hearts For The NHS Socials

Instagram -

Facebook -

Hashtags - #withallourhearts #blueheartsforthenhs

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