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Bowthorpe Farm

A family farm in South Lincolnshire...

Home to the Bowthorpe Oak the UK’s Largest Girthed Oak Tree.

“We love where we work and are always striving to improve the natural environment, areas of fallow for wild birds, large field margins, installing bird boxes, new hedge and tree planting are just some of the ways we are improving the natural habitat on the farm.” Bowthorpe Park Team

About Bowthorpe Farm

Bowthorpe Farm is a quaint family farm based near Bourne, South Lincolnshire.

For five generations the Blanchard family have tended and taken care of the farmland and its animals. Bowthorpe Farm is a traditional farm with livestock including; Pedigree Lincoln Red cattle, Jacob sheep and Berkshire pigs as well as crops all produced to high farm assured and welfare standards. The animals are free to roam and graze in the stunning countryside and ancient pastures.

Throughout the year Bowthorpe hosts many events including 'Lambing' early in the year which gives people the opportunity to give some new-born lambs a big cuddle! The farm benefits from a snack bar, large picnic area and on-site bathrooms making for a perfect lunch destination for the family!

The farm is also home to the girthiest oak tree in the United Kingdom!

About the Tree

The Bowthorpe Oak measures a staggering 13.3 metres!

Although its age is unknown experts have suggested that it could be well over 1000 years old!

In 1768, George Pauncefort was recorded to have had benches placed around the oak so that it could be used as a dining area.

Over 100 years ago the first chain was added to the tree for support and the second chain was then added in 1978. The third chain was fitted around 12 years ago.

In June 2002, the tree council (in celebration of The Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II) designated The Bowthorpe Oak one of fifty Great British Trees.

My Experience

When I visited Bowthorpe Farm it was when things were just starting to open up so not all of their usual facilities were available. However, my main reason for visiting was to visit the tree and to cuddle a lamb which I got to do! All of the staff were incredibly friendly and made it a thoroughly enjoyable visit.

Seeing the oak tree in person was quite a shock as it seriously huge and was a struggle to try and fit both the branches and trunk into one photo!

The experience I had as part of the 'Lambing' event was pure magic and the snoozy little lamb that I got to share a cuddle with was quick to fall asleep but we also managed to capture some truly adorable little baas on video which you can watch below!

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on the Bowthorpe event page and be visiting again in the future!

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