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Depop is not a platform, it's a place...

Depop is a place to celebrate style.

''Depop is the community-powered fashion ecosystem that’s kinder on the planet and kinder to people.'' Depop Team

About Depop

Depop is a fashion marketplace website and app that allows its users to buy and sell clothing and home accessories.

The company was founded by Simon Beckerman in 2011 as a marketplace where users could follow their friends and see what they are liking, buying and selling.

Depop's headquarters are based in London but they have offices all over the world powered by a team of over 300 people that are all dedicated to the mission of fashion for a better future,

Today Depop has a global community of millions of users that celebrate their style and have the opportunity to feel great and confident in the fashion choices they make!

The company's mission is to build a progressive and diverse home for fashion where users can explore new fashion pieces and be a part of the community-driven zeitgeist that is shaping our future for the better.


On the app you can sell and buy clothing and homeware.

You can shop by brand, colour, size, condition, category, location and price making it super easy to find what you're looking for.

You can 'like' your favourite pieces and save them for later and can customise your feed or 'My DNA' to follow the brands and users that you love so that when something new is listed you get to see it first!


Depop are working to become climate neutral by the end of 2021 and have been offsetting their shipping emissions since January 2020. They have partnered with 'South Pole' which is a leading project developer that provides climate solutions to help companies neutralise their carbon footprints.

Depop currently supports two projects with their offsetting including:

  1. Kariba Forest Protection

  2. Dora-11 Geothermal Project

You can find out more about South Pole and the two projects that Depop support by visiting their website and information booklets below:

South Pole Website -

Kariba Forest Protection Booklet -

Dora-11 Geothermal Project Booklet -

Depop's next goal for sustainability is to obtain the 'Climate Neutral Label' by the end of 2021 and you can find the criteria for this at the link below:

My Experience

I've been using Depop for a year or so and have purchased a few brilliant items! I've found some brands that I now follow so I get to see their new listings as soon as they are uploaded which is a great feature.

My favourite items to search for are vintage or one-of-a-kind pieces and Depop has so many great ones to choose from.

If you follow my main Instagram account @skvngrlexi you'll be able to find lots of sustainable fashion looks featuring some of the pieces I've found on Depop!

Depop Socials

Website -

Instagram -

Twitter -

Facebook -

Hashtags - #depop

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