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Dogtooth Jacket @alexandra.mount

Supporting the slow fashion movement, mini fit six...

My main focus has always been based around slow fashion and building a more sustainable wardrobe.

Now I want to share my own sustainable and slow fashion outfits with all of you over on my @alexandra.mount Instagram page! Every few weeks you can expect a new outfit with a breakdown on where I source the items, any upcycling I've done for the fit and the overall cost of each. Mini Fit Six is now ready to view below!

Mini Fit Six

Another monochromatic outfit with silver accents. Such a classic colour palette that I will forever return to.

Sourcing the Outfits

Some of these items came from second-hand apps and others have been in my wardrobe for years! My accessories and jewellery are often bought new for hygiene reasons so you will find them linked below.



I've had this jumper since I was in college so nearly 10 years! It's still soft and hasn't shrunk so hence why it's still going strong. My mum actually bought me this as a gift so the photo and price are a total estimate!



These jeans are another go to for me and are made from 100% organic cotton making them far more sustainable. The cut hem detail adds something a little extra and of course everything goes with black!



This jacket feels like wonderful quality so was an absolute bargain find on Vinted for only £5.00. I feel like dogtooth always looks super chic and so it was the perfect addition to this outfit.



I liked this belt so much in the black and bronze colourway that I purchased first so I went ahead and got it in silver too! Lovely quality and matches so many outfits, a simple staple in any wardrobe.



Of course I still adore this little envelope shoulder bag from Vivienne Westwood that I treated myself to last year. I'm so glad I chose something neutral that I can use with so many outfits!



This simple zodiac necklace from Rachel Jackson is still one of my favourites and a great little conversation starter. It seems there aren't too many cancerians out there so this little crab gets a lot of questions!

Zodiac Necklace - Click to Buy From Rachel Jackson


Total Outfit Cost (what I actually paid without gifts) - £252.74

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