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Testing: Feel Good Eco

Recycled toilet paper that doesn't cost the Earth...

Feel Good Eco create toilet paper that is kind to the planet and your bottom.

“What is it about Feel Good that makes you – well – feel good? It’s simple. We care about the environment and your wallet.” Feel Good Eco Team

About Feel Good Eco

Feel Good was established in 2021 with a mission to make toilet paper more sustainable.

Their rolls are made from 100% recycled materials sourced from Europe and each roll is manufactured at a warehouse in Bridgend, South Wales which helps to drastically reduce the Feel Good carbon footprint.

Each roll boosts a naturally bright white colour and soft texture all while being kind to the planet and your bottom!

It's no surprise that Feel Good has already made the 'best eco product' lists and went on to be named The Grocers 'Top Launch 2021' for the 'household toilet paper' category.

About the Rolls

Each roll of Feel Good paper is soft and strong, has 190 sheets and is made of 2 ply paper.

Every pack contains 9 rolls of paper which should last you around a month depending on how large your family is.

The paper is unbleached and naturally white unlike some other sustainable toilet roll brands.

The cost of each 9 roll pack is around £4.50.


Feel Good are able to cut their emissions by creating loo roll from recycled papers including; newspapers, magazines and office paper.

By using recycled fibres rather than fresh fibre (wood pulp) the company conserve resources, use less water, energy and produce far less harmful environmental pollution in their manufacturing processes.

Each pack of toilet roll is FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council).

Feel Good work have a strict modern day slavery statement to ensure that no unlawful practises exist within the company as well as their supply chains.

Feel Good rolls are wrapped in recyclable paper making it at fully plastic free product.

Where is Feel Good Eco Toilet Paper Stocked?

You can currently purchase Feel Good Toilet Paper from the stores below:

Waitrose - Feel Good Eco Toilet paper | Waitrose & Partners

Ocado - Feel Good Eco Toilet Paper 9 Roll | Ocado

Booths - The UK's Food, Wine and Grocery Store | Booths Supermarket

My Experience

Feel Good Eco were kind enough to send me some of their toilet roll to test out and review as part of a paid promotion.

In the past I've tried other sustainable loo roll options available on the market and have had concerns from the colour of the paper, packaging and the obvious one being price.

Often eco friendly paper is made from bamboo and to remain sustainable the paper is usually unbleached which means the paper is brown in colour. This may not be an issue to most but I much prefer displaying white paper in my home. Feel Good is one of the first eco papers I've tested that has a naturally white colour and for that I commend them!

The other issue with eco papers is normally the price, average rolls on the market (likes of Andrex and Charmain) are offered at low costs due to the huge manufacturing numbers and the sustainable options are offered at drastically different prices. One of my favourite features from Feel Good is the competitive price which makes having sustainable toilet paper more affordable and attainable.

The paper from Feel Good is super soft and lasts just as long as its competitors so there are no complaints from me, just a new favourite loo roll brand!

Feel Good Eco Socials

Website - Feel Good Toilet Paper

Instagram - Feel Good 🧻 eco toilet paper (@feelgood_eco)

Facebook - Feel Good

Youtube - Feel Good Eco - YouTube

Hashtags - #feelgoodeco #feelgood

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