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Jojoe Collective

Eco friendly lingerie and underwear..

Jojoe Collective creates plastic free, sustainable lingerie and underwear.

“If everyone can just make a small change today, together we can make collective differences for a better tomorrow.” Jojoe Collective Team

About Jojoe Collective

Jojoe want to ensure that everything either has a second life or can be recycled. When you purchase with them you are getting the best of both worlds as each of their items is crafted from recycled microfibre materials that is also recyclable once it reaches its end of life.

Each of the garments are designed by in-house designers that have over 25 years' experience within the lingerie industry, so you know each piece has been created by a professional. They work to create stylish items that make people want to have eco conscious underwear options in their closets!

The company is all about being eco aware and they work closely with their supply chains and partners to ensure they are meeting ethical and environmental demands at every step of the journey.

By respecting our environmental and making small sustainable changes in our day-to-day life we can help make the world a better place.

Jojoe Collective now lives at Tutti Rouge!


The company work hard to minimise wastage within their designs and are able to achieve this goal by creating quality garments that will last for a long time.

When it is finally time for your intimates to be discarded you can rest easy knowing that they are made from recycled microfibre material which is also recyclable!

Jojoe ensures that their carbon footprint remains low by using packaging that is made from recycled materials which includes the pouches that items are individually shipped in. The company also only works with couriers that are committed to produce minimal impacts on the environment.


Jojoe are proud to have all of their manufacturers SEDEX approved which means their production and processes meet ethical and environmental requirements.

My Experience

I've been looking for a more sustainable underwear brand for a while so was super excited to stumble across JoJoe. I purchased two sets from them to try out.

The first plus is that the fabric is incredibly soft and virtually invisible underclothes (no VPL).

The sets I have are super flattering and fit true to size which is always a great feeling.

I think the biggest advantage of Jojoe underwear is how affordable it all is. Usually, ethical brands are really expensive so finding one that is not only reasonable but AFFORDABLE is a massive win.

I definitely recommend taking a look at the items available from Jojoe if you're looking to make your intimates collection more sustainable!

The styles I have - Billie Brief, Harley Bralette, Frankie Bralette

JoJoe Collective Socials

Website - Lingerie for Curvy Girls | Tutti Rouge

Instagram - Tutti Rouge Lingerie (@tuttirougelingerie)

Facebook - Tutti Rouge | Facebook

Twitter - Tutti Rouge (@tuttirouge) / Twitter

Hashtags - #jojoecollective

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