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Testing: Maisoni

Vegan and eco-friendly scents...

Indulge your senses with the power of scents.

“At Maisoni, we believe the power of scent will kindle almost all your senses, leaving an aura of positive energy.'' Maisoni Team

About Maisoni

Maisoni create vegan, affordable, luxurious and stylish scented candles for your home. They describe what they do as 'interior decorating with scents'.

Their signature scents are culturally influenced by the places and countries they visit and these incredible scents are designed to embrace you with relaxation and a sense of comfort.

Each of their products are designed with love and have been created to compliment your home décor. Most products are available in a range of colours and sizes so that you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Maisoni believe that candles are a wonderful and simple way to add warmth to any room and completely change the mood. They aim to create scents for all seasons so that you can switch out your candles to match the moment!

What Does Maisoni Mean?

Maison means 'home' and soni means 'beautiful' so by bringing these two words together we create 'beautiful home'.

About the Products

Currently you are able to purchase a range of candles, geo jars, vases, burners and wax melts on the website,

All of the candles are handmade to order and hand-poured in the United Kingdom.


Maisoni have included their scent descriptions on their website to help make it super easy to pick out your favourites!

Here are the scents currently available:

  • Black Amber and Lavender

  • Egyptian Amber

  • Vanilla Musk and Sandalwood

  • Velvet Rose and Oud

  • Wild Violet and Black Amber

To find out more about each scent and the top, middle and base notes head over to the Masoni website.


Never leave a burning candle unattended and remember to use heat-proof dishes or trays when burning loose candles.

My Experience

Maisoni were kind enough to send me one of their small white torsos to test and I adore it! I have the lavender and black amber scent which is incredible. I was hesitant to even burn the torso at first as it was super pretty to simply have on display but when I did burn it I was not disappointed! The wonderful scent fills the room without being sickly sweet or overpowering. I will definitely be ordering a standard candle in the same scent to keep in the bathroom!

I highly recommended giving Maisoni a try if you're looking for your new favourite scent or for some stylish décor.

Maisoni Socials

Website -

Instagram -

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Hashtags - #maisoni

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