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Meatless March Mondays Campaign

Go meat free every Monday in March...

Miss Eco contestant Candy has created the 'Meatless March Mondays' campaign in a bid to help reduce the impact the meat industry has on the environment.

“This campaign is about saving our planet and reducing the air pollutants that are significantly caused by meat.” Candy

About Meatless Mondays

The Meatless Mondays campaign is all about reducing the amount of air pollutants released into our atmosphere caused by the meat industry. Due to the amounts of methane that livestock release during their digestive process and the amounts of fossil fuels factories require to operate, the meat industry has become a large contributor to greenhouse gases.

Candy has come up with a plan to help combat this issue and every Monday during the month of March those who join the cause will be going meat free!

This campaign is international and is encourages people to improve their own health while improving the health of our planet along the way.

You can follow Candy on her socials to find shared vegetarian and plant-based recipes of those involved and meet fellow eco ambassadors from around the world!

Did You Know?

I decided to do some research on the meat industry to find out exactly how damaging it is to our planet here's just a few of the things that I found out:

  1. Over 90% of the Amazon rainforest cleared after the 70's is used for grazing livestock.

  2. It takes 20x more land to feed a meat-eater than it does to feed someone who is on a plant-based diet.

  3. Food production contributes to a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions.

  4. The animal food production industry now surpasses the travel and electrical industries as the greatest contributor to greenhouse gases.

  5. Converting land for agriculture can lead to disturbances in water supply and cause soil erosion.

This information was found on Peta, The Guardian and Greenpeace.

My Pledge

As someone who is already a vegetarian I was unsure how I could get involved in this campaign but another lovely Miss Eco contestant (Amber) suggested that I go one step further and try vegan Mondays instead! So for each Monday of the month of March I will be eating only plant based meals.

For those of you wanting to join the campaign that are already meat free, you can try plant based meals or if you're already vegan can offer up your own tasty recipes for others to try.

Get Involved

To join the campaign you can simply download the image below and upload to your socials tagging @missecocandy and use the hashtag #meatlessmarchmondays or alternatively you can get in touch with Candy directly through Instagram.

Meatless Mondays Socials

Instagram -

Hashtags - #meatlessmarchmondays

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