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Miss Eco United Kingdom 2021 and Miss Environment United Kingdom 2021

Courage, Beauty and Sustainability...

Miss Eco United Kingdom Logo.

“Miss Eco is an international beauty pageant founded by LTCP-UN project.” Miss Eco Team

About Miss Eco International

Founded by the LTCP Project (Let's Take Care of The Planet Project), Miss Eco is an international beauty competition that brings together representatives of different cultures and traditions from all over the world with the same goal which is to help save our planet.

Their main objective is to promote the importance of saving our world through environmental activism and by promoting ecotourism and opportunities across the globe.

The pageant focuses on the wellness of the mind, body and spirit of all the candidates that complete and motivates them to become the best version of themselves that they can be.

Miss Eco support the 'Nations United Sustainable Development Goals'

About the Let's Take Care of The Planet Project

The LTCP project works in line with Objectives for Sustainable Development (ODS) and International Citizenship to empower young people with capacities and competences to understand the global nature of socio-environmental issues.

Their aim is to support a dialogue between young people and decision makers on issues related to sustainable development and to strengthen their action and commitment towards more sustainable societies.

LTCP Project -

About Miss Eco United Kingdom

The Miss Eco UK pageant prides itself on three values; courage, beauty and sustainability.

Miss Eco United Kingdom takes place on the 7th August 2021 and the winner will then go on to represent the UK at the international finals in Egypt.

Miss Environment Logo.

“This beauty pageant visions to influence the young generation, policies, structure and systems in order to bring about environmental change.” Miss Environment

Miss Environment International

The Miss Environment pageant's mission is to empower young women to improve the environmental structure to benefit our planet and it's natural surroundings.

This beauty pageant wants to influence the young generation and help to put in place policies, structures and systems in order to bring about environmental change. They wish to communicate with those in power and persuade them to act in more ecological and sustainable ways.

The next Miss Environment International will be a driven leader, she will be ambitious, savvy, ready to take on responsibilities, focused on changing the world around her, be ready to have social responsibility to change society and be an environment lover.

Miss Environment United Kingdom

Miss Environment United Kingdom will also be crowned on the 7th August 2021 at the Miss Eco finals. The winner will then go on to represent the UK at the international finals in India, March 2022.


I am so incredibly excited to announce that I am a finalist in Miss Eco United Kingdom and Miss Environment United Kingdom for 2021!

I've been on my journey to sustainability for a few years and love nothing more than teaching people about new ways to be more eco-friendly.

When I found the Miss Eco pageant I knew that it was the perfect system for me and that I had to enter. The amazing platform that this title brings could help me raise much needed awareness for our planet and help to change the world.

I hope I have all of your support heading to the finals and will do my very best to bring home the crown!


A big thank you two my two incredible sponsors for the Miss Eco and Miss Environment Competition Just B Positive Clothing and Tongues Club, both of which are fantastic sustainable companies.

Just B Positive Clothing -

Blog Post on Just B Positive -

Tongues Club -

Blog Post on Tongues Club -

Miss Eco Socials

Website -

Instagram (Miss Eco UK) -

Instagram (Eco Pageants UK) -

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