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Safe, home cleaning products...

Neersol create sustainable and safe, home cleaning products.

“NeerSol provides sustainable products for our circular economy.” Neersol Team

About Neersol

Neersol is part of a research and development group that has experience of running pharmaceutical formulation facilities for more than 30 years. The company work to produce sustainable solutions that reduce waste and avoid single-use plastics. This then gives consumers the choice to make more eco conscious decisions!

The company wants us all to ditch the linear life-cycle of the single-use-plastic and swap to a refill and reuse way of life. By simply switching to dehydrated cleaning products we no longer encourage the transportation of huge amounts of liquid filled bottles all over the world and are making our cleaning methods more sustainable!

What Does 'Neersol' Mean?

'Neer' means water in Sanskrit and as we know, water is the most precious element on our earth and is continuously under threat from pollution. Neersol want to keep our water clean so are proud to reflect this within their name.

How it Works

Neersol cleaning tablets use ordinary tap water as a base meaning they are able to send their products with far less packaging. You don't end up paying to have water shipped to you or need to find space to store another bottle!

To create your solution simply:

  1. Drop the tablet into your bottle

  2. Add 350ml of warm water

  3. Wait for the tablet to dissolve completely

  4. Attach the spray pump

  5. Get cleaning!

About the Tablets

Each pack comes with four tablets and each one creates 1.4 litres of cleaning solution.

The tablets are also free from:

  • Bleach

  • Phosphates

  • Triclosan

  • Parabens

  • VOCs

  • Ammonia

  • EDTA

  • Ammonia

  • Alcohol

  • SLS


Neersol are able to cut their Carbon Emissions and reduce their overall Carbon Footprint due to their lower shipping volumes. Compared to traditional cleaning bottles, Neersol packs have around a 99% less shipping volume meaning fewer trucks on the road, fewer containers on the ship and fewer packages on planes!

My Experience

Neersol were kind enough to send me one of their solo kits to test out!

First of all, creating the solution was incredibly simple, simply pop the tablet into the Neersol bottle and add water, wait a few minutes and you're good to go.

I have already switched out most of my home cleaning products to more eco friendly alternatives but had been looking for a mirror cleaner (I was still using polish until now) that was more sustainable. This solution seems to be the solution! It's left my mirrors super clean and streak free and I've even used it on my bathroom shower door.

The only negative I had was with the cloth that's included, it leaked a lot of dye and fabric out of it and just wasn't the best so I recommend using a different cloth!

However if you're looking for an eco friendly glass and mirror cleaner I highly recommend this one!

I have the Glass & Mirror Solo Kit

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