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Supporting the slow fashion movement, mini fit two...

My main focus has always been based around slow fashion and building a more sustainable wardrobe.

Now I want to share my own sustainable and slow fashion outfits with all of you over on my @alexandra.mount Instagram page! Every few weeks you can expect a new outfit with a breakdown on where I source the items, any upcycling I've done for the fit and the overall cost of each. Mini Fit Two is now ready to view below!

Mini Fit Two

This look is based entirely around a neutral colour palette. Something about colours close to my skin tone make for such a clean and classy look!

Sourcing the Outfits

Some of these items were already in my wardrobe, others were bought new and few came from second-hand apps! My accessories and jewellery are often bought new for hygiene reasons so you will find them linked below.



This Missguided bodysuit features clear straps which is such a unique little detail. The fabric itself is lovely and soft and the clean white colour means this item matches everything!



I've always been on and off with white or cream jeans as they are so hit and miss with the fit!

However these ones from Very fit me almost like a glove and the off-white colour is super flattering.



This cardigan has become a favourite in my wardrobe, the soft oat shade complements this colour palette beautifully and the maxi length makes is super cosy and floaty!



Again I'm layering up my necklaces! This time with gold rather than my usual silver.

Bar Necklace - Click to Buy from Amazon

Snake Necklace - Click to Buy from Amazon

Chain Necklace - Click to Buy from Amazon


Total Outfit Cost (what I actually paid without gifts) - £76.89

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