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Organic Doro

Products that are close to you and nature...

Organic Doro wants us to 'choose sustainable' and 'choose organic'.

“Organic Doro is a home to the best of organic garments. We together work towards helping the world be an eco-friendly one with our sustainable products.” Organic Doro Team

About Organic Doro

Organic Doro is an eco-friendly clothing company based in Australia that aim to help their customers reduce their carbon footprints.

The venture was started by four friends with three main missions:

  • To be a catalyst in saving the Earth

  • To create organic, eco-friendly products

  • To influence as many people as possible to be more sustainable

The brand create 100% organic products which help to reduce the amount of resources that are required from the Earth including; water, soil and energy.

Organic Doro use only 100% Fair Trade Certified factories and all of their products are GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) certified.

What is 'Doro'?

The word 'doro' is of Greek origin and means 'gift of God'.

Why Choose Organic?

Organic cotton is grown from GMO free, natural seeds and does not require synthetic fertilisers or toxic chemicals.

The textile requires far less water and energy to grow than conventional cotton and is also biodegradable meaning that one day it will return to the Earth.

Organic cotton is often softer than other fabrics as the fibres are longer. stronger and undamaged by chemicals which makes it kinder for our skin!

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