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Period Taboo Campaign

Working to eradicate the stigma around periods and menstruation...

Mrs Mystic Beauty 2021, Kylie Anne Jane Robinson has launched her 'Period Taboo' campaign.

“I want to raise awareness and break the stigma of period taboo and get people talking about their periods using social media and thus trying to normalising it and eradicate shame and embarrassment. ” Kylie

About Period Taboo

Kylie has created the Period Taboo campaign to help break the stigma around periods and menstruation to begin normalising the natural cycle that all women experience.

The campaign encourages women to wear red while holding clean sanitary products and then share one of the below statistics:

- 1 in 4 people are embarrassed to talk about periods

- A quarter of people prefer to use euphemisms if they need to talk about monthly cycles rather than refer to it directly

- One in three (37%) women in the UK said they would not feel comfortable discussing periods with male friends, yet only 17% of men would find discussing periods with female friends uncomfortable

- Nearly half (47%) of women surveyed, say they would feel uncomfortable discussing periods with their dads, yet only 9% of men would feel uncomfortable discussing periods with their daughters

- Half of men surveyed (50%) say they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable buying sanitary protection for women yet only 16% of women say they would feel comfortable asking a man to buy sanitary products for them

- When asked why they would feel uncomfortable asking men to buy sanitary products for them, women said that they fear it would make the men feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, while 36% of women say it’s because they would feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Let's normalise periods and stop shaming women for something they cannot control because periods are natural!

About Moon Bags

Moon Bags is a community created by Kylie and her fellow Mystic Beauty Finalists Tessa and Lorna that is dedicated to reduce period poverty. Currently in the UK, 1/10 girls cannot afford to purchase sanitary products.

Moon Bags aim to reduce the amount of girls suffering from period poverty by providing eco friendly, menstruation products in local schools. No girl should miss out on education because they are on their period.

Donate to Moon Bags

Join the Moon Bags Group

Quick Period Facts

  1. The Average age to start menstruating in the UK is 12.

  2. On Average a women will have over 450 periods in her lifetime.

  3. Everyone's cycle is different and can range from 3-8 days long.

  4. Women are born with all of the eggs they will ever have.

  5. Most women have period stains in all of their underwear!

  6. We are one of the only mammals that go through menopause.

  7. You can still get pregnant on your period.

  8. Your menstrual cycle may be irregular for a few years after starting.

  9. The average menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days.

  10. Around 90% of women suffer from PMS symptoms.

My Experience

I didn't start my period until I was 16 which is pretty late as the average age to begin menstruating in the United Kingdom is 12. I was lucky enough to be able to talk to my mother about any worries I had and never had to worry about purchasing sanitary products.

In today's world women are still embarrassed to talk about periods which is so upsetting as it's a completely natural thing that all women go through. We as females are amazing creatures that can bring new life into the world because we menstruate each month and in my opinion that should be celebrated. Let's break this stigma together!

Get Involved

To join this campaign, simply post a photo wearing red while holding clean sanitary products with the 'Period Taboo' or 'I'm Menstruating' caption.

Alternatively you can get in touch with Kylie via Instagram or Facebook!

Don't forget to tag Kylie on Instagram and add use the #periodtaboo hashtag.

Period Taboo Socials

Facebook -

Instagram -

Hashtags - #periodtaboo

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