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Pledge Against Plastic Campaign

Reduce your use of single-use plastics...

Miss Basingstoke Galaxy 2021, Beth Rice has launched her 'Pledge Against Plastic' campaign.

''Our world needs your help against our plastic problem'' Beth Rice

About Pledge Against Plastic

This campaign encourages people to set themselves a pledge against plastic for a month (starting this plastic free July) to help cut their use of single use plastics.

This campaign has been created to help raise awareness about the issues that surround 'the big four' types of plastic that are single use and unable to biodegrade; plastic bags, disposable cups, plastic straws and plastic bottles.

We know that not all plastics are bad and some types of plastic we simply cannot live without such as those used within the medical field.

You can follow Beth over on Instagram for some great tips on how to reduce your use of plastic!

Some Simple Swaps for 'The Big Four'

Plastic Bags - Try an organic tote bag or a bag for life. Many stores offer a guarantee on their bags for life where you swap out your old bag (which they recycle) for a new one.

Plastic Bottles - Try a reusable bottle and take advantage of refill water stations (a great initiative by Anglian Water) to avoid buying bottled water!

Plastic Straws - Opt for a reusable bamboo/metal/paper/glass/silicone straw or a PLA biodegradable straw. Of course you could just avoid straws altogether too!

Plastic Cups - Similar to plastic bottles, try a reusable bottle or flask for hot drinks. Bring your own reusable cups to takeaway coffee shops to avoid using plastic or non-recyclable cups.

My Pledge Against Plastic

My pledge against plastic was to 'only shop the Slow Fashion Movement during July and boycott fast fashion' and I'm happy to say I stuck to my pledge! Most of you will know by now that I own my own slow fashion company and have been an ambassador for sustainable fashion for the last few years.

I love nothing more than showing my followers new and easy ways to create eco friendly wardrobes and as of this month you can follow my @alexandra.mount account for sustainable fashion content!

Get Involved

To join in with this campaign, simply send a photo of yourself and your pledge to Beth on Instagram. Don't forget to tag Beth and use the #pledgeagainstplastic hashtag!

Pledge Against Plastic Socials

Instagram -

Hashtags - #pledgeagaintplastic #plasticfreejuly

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