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Reflections Campaign

Reflection, when I look in the mirror I now see...

Miss Intercontinental UK Finalist, Romy Simpkins has launched her 'Reflections' campaign.

“I set up this campaign to get people positively talking about body image.” Romy Simpkins

About Reflections

The Reflections campaign has been designed to promote a healthy body image and encourages people to practice self-care.

When we embrace our natural, beautiful bodies and personalities we improve our self confidence and ultimately it pushes us to take better care of ourselves.

The campaign gets those involved to celebrate 'three positive words' about themselves that they are proud of when they look in the mirror.

So, take a moment to appreciate you and know that you can achieve absolutely anything when you just think positively!

Body Positivity

Definition - Empowering people to embrace all bodies. Challenging the ways in which society views the physical body.

Sadly, people around the world suffer with self-image and in some cases can develop eating disorders or other serious health issues.

You can help others by promoting body positivity and celebrating ALL bodies regardless of ability, race, age, gender and appearance.

Here's Some Tips on Being More Body Positive:

1. Instead of following 'aspirational body' accounts, try following body positive focused accounts.

2. Embrace what you see in the mirror with positive affirmations.

3. Show yourself some love and practice self-care.

4. Ignore the size tag in your clothing, it's just a number after all!

5. (As Above) Ignore that number on the scales, it does not define your worth! If you struggle to ignore the scales then THROW THEM OUT!

6. Have goals that are not based around your appearance.

7. Find a supportive bubble of friends and boost each other!

8. Never compare yourself to other people. BE YOU.

When I Look in The Mirror I Now See...

Intelligence - I know that I can problem solve and enjoy learning new things on the daily. I'm currently studying a range of environmental courses to support my @Eco.lexi blog!

Determination - When I want to achieve something I become determined and cannot be stopped! I created my company SKVNGR on my own through determination and hard work.

Power - I am a force to be reckoned with! I know that I can rely on myself and that I am capable of amazing things.

As someone who has overcome an eating disorder I understand how difficult it can be to believe in and love yourself. I am still learning to embrace my flaws and celebrate my natural beauty because it's what makes me, me! If you would like to talk to me about my experience or want to share yours please do get in touch with me on Instagram.

Need Support?

If you would like support in overcoming an eating disorder please get in touch with the wonderful organisation below.

Beat Eating Disorders - www.beateatingdisorders.org.uk/support-services/myself

Get Involved

To join the campaign, simply download the image below and add three of your favourite photographs along with three positive and uplifting words that define you.

Don't forget to tag Romy on Instagram and add the #reflections hashtag.

Reflections Socials

Instagram - www.instagram.com/romysimpkins

Facebook - www.facebook.com/romy.simpkins

Hashtags - #reflections

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