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Show Your Grow Campaign

Show off your house plants...

Miss Eco United Kingdom Finalist 2022, Ellie Daglish has launch her 'Show Your Grow' campaign.

''It’s time to #showyourgrow did you know that having plants indoors can help clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity, and producing oxygen.'' Ellie Daglish

About Show Your Grow

This campaign encourages people to show off their plants and celebrate all that they do for us.

Whether you have a garden full of flowers, grow your own veggies or simply have a few plants dotted around your home, snap a photo with your favourite and show your grow!

As most of us know, without plantae the human race and many other species would not survive. They give us the necessities of life from the materials we need to create shelter and tools, medicines, food in the forms of fruits/veggies/greens and grains (and water from some plant species) to the oxygen we breathe.

Quick Plant Facts

  1. There are almost 400,000 plant species

  2. Plants are considered to be the first living organisms born on Earth

  3. Around 85% of plant life is found in the ocean

  4. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world

  5. Oak trees are struck by lightening more than any other tree

  6. The first type of pain relief came from the bark of a willow tree

  7. During the 1600s tulip bulbs were traded at the same level as gold

  8. Trees can outlive any other organism on Earth

  9. Counting a trees rings lets you know its age and is called dendrochronology

  10. Out of 80,000 plants that are safe to eat, humans only consume about 200

  11. The Amazon rainforest produces 50% of the world's oxygen supply

  12. The tallest tree ever was an Australian eucalyptus measuring 435ft in 1872

I'm showing my grow

I love adding a bit of greenery to my home with plants, one of my favourite features of this cottage is the plant ladder I have next to the front door covered in ivy and bamboo, it gives me a little serotonin boost every time I come home.

A fun fact about this little plant is that it was a gift from the Miss Eco United Kingdom 2021 finals from the director to all of the finalists!

Get Involved

To join in with this campaign simply share a photo of yourself with your houseplants!

Don't forget to tag Ellie in your posts and use the #showyourgrow hashtag!

Show Your Grow Socials

Instagram -

Hashtags - #showyourgrow

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