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Sustainable Fashion Outfits @alexandra.mount

Supporting the slow fashion movement, outfit one...

My main focus has always been based around slow fashion and building a more sustainable wardrobe. I was proud to launch the Say No To New Project this year which is a campaign that encourages people to search for alternative ways to shop for 'new' clothes and create a more eco friendly and ethical closet.

Now I want to start sharing my own sustainable and slow fashion outfits with all of you over on my @alexandra.mount Instagram page! Every few weeks you can expect a new outfit with a breakdown on where I source the items, any upcycling I've done for the fit and the overall cost of each. Outfit one is now ready to view below!

Outfit One

I wanted to keep this look pretty simple and casual so that it would be super wearable.

Opting for some comfy mom/boyfriend jeans with a tank style crop and white Nikes was an easy option to pull together!

However with British weather always keeping us on our toes it soon started raining (typical) so I pulled a blazer over as a light jacket and added the black belt to tie in the new colour.

The standard Ted Baker tote bag was a great option as I was running errands and collecting parcels so it was a perfect sized bag for the task at hand!

I went for gold jewellery to match the hardware on the belt with some little hoops and a small necklace.

Overall it turned out to be an easy outfit to pull together and is super comfy and practical too!

Sourcing the Outfits

Some of these items were already in my wardrobe, others were bought new, some were kindly gifted and few came from second-hand apps! My accessories and jewellery are often bought new for hygiene reasons so you will find them linked below.



I'm a big fan of the simplicity of jeans and a plain crop top. I've added so many sustainable ones to my wardrobe this year so am still finding new ways to style them! This simple tank style crop is super flattering and hits me on the smallest part of my waist giving me a lovely silhouette.



Finding jeans that fit me well everywhere is a nightmare so I try to buy them in stores and try them on where possible. During lockdown I had to invest in a new pair (online) and found these from the 'Very Conscious Collection'. This collection works with the Jeanologia EIM scoring system to measure the amount of water, energy and chemicals used in the washing, ageing and finishing process. This means that these jeans are far more sustainable and responsible than other fast fashion options!



I absolutely love using blazers as light jackets. I feel like they can complete an outfit and give you an opportunity to add a pop of colour. This plain black one however matches everything and has become a staple in my wardrobe. I've since bought two more blazers off Vinted including a beautiful one from Ralph Lauren for a bargain of £15!



I've had these trainers in my closet for well over a year now but did buy them new. I tend to buy trainers new (and often in store) so that they last as long as possible though I'm always looking for more sustainable options.

I have small feet (UK5) so these are actually a children's UK5.5! A great tip for you smaller footed people out there is to shop in the children's section. Usually the children's trainers are half the price of the adult version and are almost identical in size, I just recommend going up .5 of a size for a comfy fit as children's shoes tend to be slightly more narrow.

These are the Court Borough Low 2 style for those of you interested.

I've also seen a few of these on Vinted so it's definitely worth a search if you're looking for the same style sneakers!

Click to Buy from Shuh



I received this bag as a gift for my birthday and it definitely comes in handy for nights away or as a shopping tote. I feel like it should last me a while too as the quality is beautiful and the bag itself feels pretty durable!

Original Cost - £40.00

Listings for a similar or the same bag on Vinted:



Earrings will always be one of those items that I source brand new as it's far more sanitary! I'm always searching for new sustainable and ethical jewellery options to share with you and I have a few favourites already which I'll be including soon.

I got these in the 30mm version.

Click to Buy from Amazon



I love supporting smaller businesses and found this custom made boob necklace on Vinted. You can choose the size and shape of the bust which I find super cute. I love being able to subtly embrace my sexuality through this piece and it is a great conversation starter!



After the huge fashion trend of the Gucci belt I decided to opt for a more affordable alternative. I found this one on Amazon and they had a few other colour options but I went for a classic black and bronze to match most of my wardrobe. The quality seems to be great so I should be able to get lots of wear out of this belt.

Click to Buy from Amazon


Total Outfit Cost (what I actually paid without gifts) - £104.25

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