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Transfer Tees @alexandra.mount

Updated: May 30, 2022

Supporting the slow fashion movement, mini fit one...

My main focus has always been based around slow fashion and building a more sustainable wardrobe.

Now I want to share my own sustainable and slow fashion outfits with all of you over on my @alexandra.mount Instagram page! Every few weeks you can expect a new outfit with a breakdown on where I source the items, any upcycling I've done for the fit and the overall cost of each. Mini Fit One is now ready to view below!

Mini Fit One

This look was completely based around the upcycled/transferred tee that was inspired after hunting around for some band merch (Sub Urban). After adding a hoodie and tee to my basket for checkout from the official store I was soon greeted by a £15.99 postage fee on top of my items which just felt way too high.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own merch with an old t-shirt and some photo transfer paper. After my Sub Urban top came out well I then created this Polo Ralph Lauren one right after and already love it!

To complete this outfit I opted for some basic, black bike shorts, a mini backpack and all silver jewellery. If I were taking the fit outside I would just throw on some simple black trainers!

Sourcing the Outfits

Some of these items were already in my wardrobe, others were bought new, some were kindly gifted, some were upcycled and few came from second-hand apps! My accessories and jewellery are often bought new for hygiene reasons so you will find them linked below.



This Polo Ralph Lauren transfer tee came out so well that I think it might now be one of my favourites!

I adore band and graphic tees as they pair well with so many other items, I'm exploring how to style them with maxi skirts for the summer months and they look great.

For those interested, the photograph I chose was from a 2018 campaign and was shot by Sebastian Sabal-Bruce.

Click to Buy Transfer Paper



I've had these shorts in my wardrobe for a while and they are such a great basic to have!

Bike shorts have been huge over the past few years so I'm intrigued to see if it will be a style that will come back again next summer.



I must admit that this little backpack was a recent purchase as I've been after one for quite some time.

I specifically liked the little flap closing and drawstrings which I feel make it slightly safer for running around Christmas markets!



I am a big fan of layering jewellery and these three little pieces go so well together.

The Zodiac necklace was a recent purchase and probably my current favourite necklace, the silver ball choker comes from Amazon and is a brilliant basic for layering and the 'Alex' necklace was a lovely gift from my mum!

Zodiac Necklace - Click to Buy from Rachel Jackson London

Silver Ball Necklace - Click to Buy from Amazon


Total Outfit Cost (what I actually paid without gifts) - £130.76

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