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Updated: Apr 18

Feel good activewear...

Tala creates sustainable and ethically made activewear.

“T/ALA's mission is to bring you sustainably-made activewear that delivers on performance, fit, quality and style without the hefty price tag.” T/ALA Team

About T/ALA

T/ALA was founded by Grace Beverley after she was struggling to find more sustainable options for activewear. Those that were available were incredibly expensive and therefore not accessible to everyone.

The brand now works to creative sustainable activewear that is more affordable and inclusive in a range of fashionable styles. Their aim is simple, make clothes that people feel good in and that they can feel good about!


T/ALA offer a range of options from bras to sweatshirts, here are a few of the items available:

  • Accessories

  • Dresses and Skirts

  • Joggers and Bottoms

  • Leggings

  • Outerwear

  • Shorts

  • Tops and Vests

  • Tracksuits

  • Underwear


Tala are big on finding materials that are durable and sustainable. The brand currently use a range of recycled, upcycled and natural fabrics including; bamboo, lyocell, recycled and organic cotton just to name a few. The brand has filter bags available which can be used to catch those little microfibres that are released upon washing your clothes to avoid them polluting the waterways.

Tala also take the time to research into factories before the choose to utilise them. They look into their labour practices, environmental standards and the ethical standards for both processes and the workers throughout the supply chain.

You can find out more about each of the factories and more of Tala's materials via the link below:

My Experience

I was first introduced to Tala by @keepingitcapsule over on Instagram who always who opts for her Tala leggings in so many of her outfit posts and videos! I now understand the hype, these leggings are so soft and comfortable that they are now my go-to for more casual days. I already know these will be popping up again and again in my @alexandra.mount fashion looks!

If you are looking to treat yourself to some more luxury activewear/loungewear then I definitely recommend taking a look at the T/ALA website.

Items I Have - Ribbed Leggings

T/ALA Socials

Website -

Instagram -

Facebook -

Twitter -

TikTok -

Hashtags - #tala #cooltobekind

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