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The word's first wearable magazine...

T-Post has created the world's first wearable magazine.

“T-post® is the world's first wearable magazine, or a story driven clothing brand, whichever you prefer. Ether way, if you're not a subscriber, you can't get your hands on our gear.” T-Post Team

About T-Post

T-Post is a Swedish brand that was founded back in 2004 and is the world's first wearable magazine.

The company define themselves as a story driven clothing brand that creates a limited edition shirt each month for their subscribers.

Each of the tees features a design that has been inspired by a story that is printed on the inside. Stories range from interviews, stories about the team or simply about what is happening around us!

Often the designs are created by a range of fantastic artists and creators which you can find out more about in each story.


T-Post have already collaborated with some fantastic artists and creators, here are just a few below:

  • TEDX

  • RMH (Respect My Hustle)

  • Patrik Arve

  • Fatta Man

  • Kung Fury

  • Haze

If a collaboration is considered high profile then only 3,000 units will be created making your tee more of a collectors item!


You can subscribe to T-Post each month for €37.00 (including shipping), the closing date for each release is the 15th so if you register after the 10th you will receive the next month's release.

Subscribers are also able to purchase previous editions at a 30% discount.

You can change your size via the members area should you need to and if you change your mind you can also cancel at any time.

T-Post Live

The company also hold T-Post Live events for their subscribers for an evening of performances and festivities. Each event only holds a guest list of 100 people and is for over 18's only.

You can find out more about these events here, T-Post Live


All of T-Posts shirts are made from organic cotton (GOTS certified) and they are also aiming to make every step of their manufacturing process more eco friendly.

The company also works to ensure that their suppliers and manufacturers are fully certified and meet their high ethical standards so are constantly re-evaluating and questioning every step.

My Experience

T-Post were kind enough to gift me an introductory offer to try out one of their tees.

The t-shirt that I received was the Gameday design which features a spray paint style smiley face. I feel like I got super lucky because I'm very much a neutral girl so the black and white colourway suits me down to a 'Tee'!

The quality of these shirts feel great and the article featured on this shirt is well written and engaging which is also a bonus.

I think this is such a fun and creative concept so definitely recommend giving the subscription a try if you'd like a surprise story and tee in your mailbox each month!

Items I was sent - Gameday #173

T-Post Socials

Website -

Instagram - T-post® (@t_post)

Facebook - T-post | Umeå | Facebook

TikTok - T-post® (@TpostMag) / Twitter

Hashtags - #tpost

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