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Testing Deterdraft

Personal care and cleaning products...

Deterdraft create more sustainable cleaning essentials and personal care products.

“We are not just another natural cleaning brand; We are a movement to do more with less.” Deterdraft Team

About Deterdraft

Deterdraft want to create a circular economy to tackle plastic waste. This is how their 'Refill, Return-Reuse' program was created and in turn how it will help you create a more sustainable home. By reusing packaging again and again rather than simply recycling the company are able to avoid contributing to landfill and dump sites where around 9% of recyclable materials end up!

Deterdraft are so confident you will love their products that they offer a 'risk free return' policy so if you're not completely happy you can return your items and get your money back.

The company also offer subscriptions so you can sign up and save 15% on your orders!

Deterdraft Products

Deterdraft over a range of cleaning and personal care products and most boast:

  • No harsh chemicals

  • Pet safe

  • Mostly plant-based ingredients

  • 95% biodegradable

  • Vegan - Cruelty free

  • Palm oil free

  • Packaging made with 70% less plastic

How it Works

  1. Shop for your products

  2. Decant your refill pouch into a glass or PET dispenser

  3. Send back your empty pouches to be reused in the prepaid envelope (envelopes fit up to 4 pouches)

Once your pouches are received at Deterdraft they will go first through quality control to check they are 100% safe to reuse. Then they are washed and refilled to be sold and shipped out again to someone else shopping more sustainably!

My Experience

Deterdraft were kind enough to send me some of their laundry liquid and fabric conditioner to test out!

First of all, these three scents are beautiful, they are not overpowering but super fresh and clean! My favourite scent was 'Savon de Marseille' which was the laundry liquid, it is so cosy and dreamy (perfect for bedding!).

The liquid cleans well without leaving any type of sticky residue and the conditioner made my sheets and towels incredibly soft without using the dryer.

I highly recommend giving these products a try, the fabric conditioners especially!

I tried the Laundry Liquid in scent - Savon de Marseille

I tried the Fabric Conditioner in scents - Lavender, Narcissus Flower

Deterdraft Socials

Website - Deterdraft - Eco-friendly Home Cleaning & Personal Care products

Instagram - Deterdraft (@deterdraft) • Instagram photos and videos

Facebook - Deterdraft | Facebook

Hashtags - #deterdraft

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