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Testing: Eco Fragrance

Eco friendly home accessories...

Eco fragrance offer eco-friendly reed diffusers and wax melts.

“If you care about the environment and you want a beautiful smelling home then Eco Fragrance is the place for you.” Eco Fragrance Team

About Eco Fragrance

Eco Fragrance is a company from Wiltshire, United Kingdom that creates eco friendly diffusers and wax melts.

Each of their products are vegan, locally sourced, plant based and cruelty free meaning they are more sustainable and promise a lower carbon footprint.

Most of the diffusers are free to personalise so that they suit you and your home.

The company offer refills of any scent so that you can help to reduce waste be reusing your diffuser again and again!

Eco Fragrance use 100% recyclable packaging and post with Royal Mail (who offset their emissions).


These are the current incredible scents listed on their Etsy:

  • Black Opiume

  • Country Garden

  • Clean Cotton

  • Decadence

  • Flower Bomb

  • Pomegranate

  • Strawberry & Rhubarb

  • Sweet Orange

  • Time to Unwind

  • Twilight

My Experience

I picked up the 'Hexagonal Clear Reed Diffuser' and opted for white reeds and the 'Clean Cotton' scent.

The clear diffuser looks so elegant in my home and is currently sat proudly in my bathroom making the whole room smell fresh and clean! I 100% recommend the Clean Cotton scent for those of you that like fresh and natural aromas!

Set up was incredibly easy too, simply remove the safety cap and place the reeds into the fragrance and within minutes you'll get to enjoy the scent.

The company were also kind enough to send my some of their wax melts in 'Flowerbomb' and 'Strawberry & Rhubarb'. I've only had chance to test the Flowerbomb scent to far and it's incredible so I'll definitely be buying more of their wax melts soon to test!

Eco Fragrance Socials

Website -

Instagram -

Facebook -

Hashtags - #ecofragrance

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