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Testing: Estrid

A new way to shave... design cruelty free, quality razors for women.

“Hair removal should be optional. Great hair removal shouldn’t. That’s why we’ve created Estrid.” Estrid Team

About Estrid

Estrid pride themselves on designing quality, cruelty free razors specifically for women at a great price. The company believes that shaving is a choice but are here to offer a smooth shaving option if that's what you choose!

Unlike most other razor brands, all of the Estrid razors are vegan and are made using natural ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter and cocoa butter. Each razor has 5 blades, offering a pain-free, smooth and close shave.

While many other razors companies add on 'pink tax' for women, Estrid have decided to challenge the price discrimination and offer their high quality products at a low price.

Estrid are working to create sustainable products and use durable steel to make their handles and wall mounts meaning their razors are designed to last longer.

Estrid donate a portion of their revenue to 'Women for Women International' which is a charity that helps women survivors of war to rebuild their lives and choose their own futures.

The company use 100% recyclable packaging and are climate-compensated for each kilo of CO2 emitted during transportation processes to their customers. Estrid are proud to work with the climate partner Tricorona.

How it Works

Signing up to Estrid is super simple!

  1. Select your colour (there's currently 5 to choose from)

  2. Set your frequency for replacement blades!

  3. You can cancel your subscription whenever you like

Quick Razor Facts

  1. Razors have been used since the Bronze Age and used to be made from bronze or obsidian

  2. Straight razors went into production in the 1700's and were mostly used by skilled barbers or servants to shave the wealthy

  3. Safety razors were invented in the 1800's and are now the most common type of razor

  4. Electric razors were first produced in the 1930's

  5. Stainless steel razor blades were introduced in the 1960's which made razors reusable

My Experience

I chose the 'Cloud Grey' coloured razor which is inspired by clouds on a rainy day and it matches my bathroom decor perfectly!

After using the razor for the first time I instantly noticed how smooth my legs felt. I found that I had a lot less ingrown hairs and my legs felt so much more moisturised. The shape of the razor seemed to caress the curves of my body beautifully and helped to reach those tricky areas!

I did find that the 'every second month' subscription option was a little too frequent for me personally so have ended up with a lot of extra blades. However, Estrid make it super easy to change your frequency so I quickly swapped to the 'every third month' option.

If you're looking for a new, vegan and more sustainable razor then I highly recommend giving Estrid a go!

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