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Testing: Ethixx

Plastic free periods...

Ethix create luxurious, zero waste menstrual pads.

After 2 years of development we perfected our reusable menstrual pads. Designed to suit the contours of the body, they are luxuriously soft, don’t move, absorb amazingly well ( up to 3 tampons worth ) without using bulk, and they look pretty cool too.'' Ethixx Team

About Ethixx

Ethixx create plastic free menstrual pads that they believe are the most superior pads available in the United Kingdom.

The company is based in Newhaven, Sussex and is run by a team that are passionate about bringing high quality, ethical products to the market so that we as consumers have real choice.

After two years of development Ethixx were able to perfect their pads so that they fit the natural contours of the body, are super soft, stay in place and boast great absorption!

Ethixx are so confident that you'll love their pads that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

About the Pads

Currently you are able to buy the Ethixx pads in three sizes; light to medium flow, heavy flow and night time.

Here are just a few of the pads features:

  • The unique design of the shape and wings means the pad stays in place

  • The contact layer is made from 100% cotton meaning it's gentle on your skin

  • The light to medium flow pads hold 2 tampons worth of liquid

  • The heavy flow and night time pads hold 3 tampons worth of liquid

  • The fabrics are fully organic and zero waste

How To Clean the Pads

  1. Rinse in cold water

  2. Machine wash at 40 degrees

  3. Hang dry

You can tumble dry the pads on a low heat but they will last longer if you leave them to dry naturally, not to mention you save energy! Make sure not to iron the pads as it can damage them and it's always best to store them flat.

Period Taboos

Ethixx wants to break the stigma around periods and feel that the term 'reusable sanitary products' is a poor description that makes something so natural seem insanitary! That's why you'll never see them use that term and you'll only see 'washable period pads' or 'reusable menstrual pads' used on their website and social media.

Periods are nothing to be ashamed of and are an important part of human nature!


Ethixx pads are made inside a UK factory and created using only organic materials, right down to the thread! Before they work with new manufacturers, Ethixx ensure that their high ethical and sustainable standards are met.

My Experience

Ehtixx were kind enough to send me one of each pad to test out so I was able to test all three!

One of my first thoughts when testing them out was how incredibly comfortable they were. I use both tampons and pads throughout my cycle and the main thing I have issues with is comfortability and with pads I struggle to find ones that don't move around.

These pads are so soft, gentle and actually stay in place! They are not bulky which makes them more breathable and because of the materials they're made with they are also QUIET. So often competitive pad brands create plastic pads that rustle in your knickers that constantly remind you that they are there whereas these are so comfortable and silent you forget you're wearing one after a few minutes!

I didn't suffer from any leaks and didn't bleed through even on my heavier days. I do however recommend getting a few of each pad if your cycle is heavier so that you can switch out the pad throughout the day.

Overall my experience was a total win and I'll be adding these pads to my menstruation routine!

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