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Testing: Fluus

Updated: Apr 21

Flushable period pads...

Fluus creates sustainable, flushable period pads.

“Change is good. Change is needed. Change is coming. #aboutflushingtime” Fluus Team

About Fluus

Fluus was founded with a mission to stop period pad waste from ending up in landfill by creating the first fully flushable menstrual pad.

The founders Olivia Ahn and Aaron Koshy met in university and it's there that they decided to take action against plastic periods and started developing their very first prototype.

Since then, Fluus have worked hard to gain a fully flushable certification for their pads and were able to finally launch the company this year (2023)!

About Fluus Pads

Here are just a few of the reasons to give Fluus a try:

  • Zero Waste

  • Fully Flushable

  • Septic Tank Safe

  • Microplastic Free

  • Vegan - Cruelty Free

  • 100% Biodegradable

  • Suitable For Sensitive Skin

For those worried that the pads may be too bulky for your pipes it may be useful to know that the Fluus pads are equivalent to 12 sheets of toilet paper! Fluus pads are also certified flushable (WIS 4-02-06) in the United Kingdom.

You can also be sure that your pads are free from:

  • Cotton

  • Polyester

  • Fragrances

  • Dye & Pigments

  • Titanium Dioxide

  • Holt Melt Adhesives

What Are The Pads Made Of

Top Layer - Cellulose plant fibres

Core - Biodegradable polymers and plant fibres

Bottom Layer - Plant fibres and non-toxic, plastic-free adhesive made from tree sap

How It Works

Essentially the water breaks the pad down by pulling the layers apart and loosening the fibres. You can see the Flushtec® process in the video below:


Fluss are able to offer a monthly subscription for £5.00 which saves you £2.00 (29%) per month (normally £7.00). You are able to control your subscriptions with skip, cancel and pause options.


Each pad that Fluus creates is microfibre free and completely non-toxic meaning that is will never pollute waterways or harm aquatic life. Both the pads and the wrappers are flushable!

Currently the pads are manufactured in Italy but the Fluus team are looking at moving their operations back to London as soon as possible.

You can find out what the pads are made from here.

My Experience

Fluus were kind enough to send me some of their products to test out!

I've tried a few eco alternatives to period care at this point so have some nice comparisons but I've never tried or seen pads that are flushable!

This concept is absolutely genius, the amount of times that I have been out and about and there have not been sanitary bins present to dispose of pad packaging or used pads is crazy. Being able to simply flush the pads and packaging away is a game changer.

The pads themselves are comfortable and don't shift around whilst you're wearing them and I didn't suffer any leaks. The only negative I could possibly have is that they are slightly sharp on the sides at first but once they warm up to your body that sharpness goes away and they are easy to wear and comfy.

Items I was sent - Flushable Day Pads

Fluus Socials

Website - Fluus | Flushable Period Pads (

Instagram - Fluus | Flushable Period Care (@wearefluus)

Facebook - Fluus | London (

Twitter - Fluus (@wearefluus) / Twitter

TikTok - Fluus Flushable Pads (@wearefluus) | TikTok

Hashtags - #fluus #fluusflushablepads #aboutflushingtime

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