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Testing: Honu Jewellery

Ocean inspired jewellery... design and create ocean inspired jewellery.

“Honu was founded with a core mission: to help save endangered sea turtles from extinction.” Honu

About Honu

Honu is an ocean inspired jewellery brand, founded in 2017 and their mission is to help save one of the Earth's oldest inhabitants, the Green Sea Turtle.

The company is partnered with the Turtle Conservancy in Florida and donate 10% of the profits from each sale to aid their incredible work.

Honu are always collaborating on new designs to help other amazing ocean creatures and have recently added some beautiful seahorse and coral pieces to their site.

When you buy from Honu you're supporting the restoration of sea turtle habitats and maximising the survival rate of new hatchlings throughout the Caribbean.

What Does Honu Mean?

The Green Sea Turtle in the Hawaiian language it is called honu, and it is locally known as a symbol of good luck and longevity.

Sustainability Statement

Firstly, Honu is committed to helping save the sea turtles from extinction and each month they send 10% of their profits from each sale to the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

Each silver piece they create has been made with 50% recycled silver with the other percentage being sustainably sourced from Italy and their gold pieces are all 100% Fairmined gold certified.

Honu use only environmentally friendly packaging and have eliminated plastic completely within their processes.

The company are working to become carbon neutral and are currently able to offset the emissions for all of their team members with Ecologi by planting around 120 mangrove trees a month!

Sea Turtle Facts

  1. There are seven species of sea turtle.

  2. Some sea turtles are carnivores.

  3. They can stay underwater for up to 5 hours.

  4. The oldest known sea turtle fossil is over 120 million years old

  5. A hatchling's gender is dependant on the temperature of the nest

  6. Male sea turtles spend more time at sea than females

  7. Sea turtles live for around 100 years!

  8. Turtle shells are made from over 50 bones making them super strong

  9. Females will return to the same place they hatched to lay their own eggs

  10. 129 of the approx. 300 species of turtle/tortoise are now vulnerable or endangered

Types of Turtle

  1. Hawksbill

  2. Loggerhead

  3. Leatherback

  4. Olive Ridley

  5. Green

  6. Flatback

  7. Kemp's Ridley

My Experience

So far I have purchased two different pendants from Honu and absolutely adore them both!

The two necklaces above are the; Honu cut out necklace and the sterling silver Earth necklace.

I will definitely be returning to purchase some new designs and currently have my eye on the silver tide ring and the Honu coin pendant.

If you're looking for a gift for someone else or some new dainty jewellery pieces for yourself (that help a wonderful cause) then I highly recommend trying Honu!

Honu Socials

Website -

Facebook -

Instagram -

Hashtags - #shophonu #honucrew #savetheturtles

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