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Testing: Inclusev London

Eco friendly, powder toiletries...

Inclusev London create sustainable, natural skincare and beauty products.

“Inclusev is a genderless beauty brand that aims to deliver products that are made for all, to eliminate barriers and help build inclusivity.” Inclusev London Team

About Inclusev

Inclusev was founded with a vision to help make a difference and save the planet. So many of the products we use today contain water as their main ingredient and that's why the Monica Chandak (the founder of Inclusev) made it her mission to create a formula that not only contained zero water but is also sustainable and safe for everyone. It took three years of experimenting and 150 trials to create the balanced formula that Inclusev use today within their products!

The company has a powerful ethos to 'promote inclusivity and sustainability' and create their products with everyone in mind regardless of gender, skin type, ethnicity or creed.

Inclusev Products

Here are the current products Inclusev are able to offer:

  • Bodywash

  • Facewash

  • Handwash

  • Shampoo

All of their products are free from water, fillers, sulphates, phthalates, synthetic colours, synthetic fragrances, parabens and are also vegan (cruelty free).


Here is how long each 50 gram powder bottle of Inclusev can last:

  • Facewash - 120 washes

  • Shampoo - 30 washes

  • Handwash - 180 washes

  • Bodywash - 65 washes

Why Powder?

The powder products that Inclusev manufacture use around a 1/4 less water than conventional, coopetitor products. While most other toiletries use a water to active ingredient ratio of around 80:20 Inclusev are able to craft their products with 100% active ingredients.


All of the products that Inclusev creates are formulated, produced and packed here in Great Britain.

Inclusev products are packed in biopolymer bottles which are created using 100% sugarcane fibre. This means that the bottles are widely recycled!

My Experience

Inclusev London were kind enough to send me some of their products to test out!

I've not tried powdered toiletries before but they are so simple to use! Simply pop the powder into your palm, add water and lather. My favourite of the scents is the bodywash which has notes of cedarwood and lavender but all of the powders boast fresh and natural scents.

These mini sizes are so handy and I think I'm going to mainly use them when travelling as you don't have to worry about them leaking all over your case, bag or even exploding in more dramatic cases (an experience that happened to my mum).

Overall I had a great experience testing out these products and highly recommend testing out powder beauty if you are looking for more eco conscious options!

Items I was sent - (Minis) Bodywash, Facewash, Handwash, Shampoo

Inclusev London Socials

Website - Inclusev (

Instagram - INCLUSEV (@inclusev)

Facebook - Inclusev Cosmetics | Facebook

TikTok - Inclusev London (@inclusevlondon) | TikTok

Hashtags - #inclusev #inclusevlondon

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