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Testing: Nuddy

The plastic free bathroom essentials changing the game.... are an independent, female-led, British brand.

“Nuddy isn’t just a word, it’s a feeling. To feel free + vulnerable, yet empowered. Not just when you’re ‘in the Nuddy’, but all day, everyday.” Nuddy Team

About Nuddy

Founded in 2018, Nuddy is a British brand with a mission and that's to make soap bars cool again. The company create beautifully scented soap and shampoo bars that are kind to your skin and the Earth. They have also added scented candles and safety razors to their site which are of course plastic free and more sustainable than alternatives!

All of their products are vegan, cruelty free and suitable for sensitive skin. Their products are also dairy, soya, nut, gluten, barely, SLS and SLES free.

The company prides themselves on being 100% plastic free and their soap bars are 97% natural!

How to Use the Soap Bars

  1. Get wet

  2. Lather up your Nuddy bar under water

  3. Lather up your skin

  4. Rinse

How to Use the Shampoo Bars

  1. Wet your hair

  2. Lather up your Nuddy bar under water

  3. Massage into your hair starting at the ends

  4. Rinse

My Experience

I decided to test out the Nuddy 'Coconut Moisturising Soap Bar' and the 'Ultra Volume Shampoo Bar' which is peach scented.

First of all, the bars smell incredible! The peach scent of the shampoo bar is by far my favourite and actually lasts in your hair once it's dry unlike other shampoos that just seem to fade or disappear completely. The coconut scent is also wonderful and reminds me of being on a summer vacation!

Both bars were really easy to lather and even easier to use making them super family friendly.

While I enjoyed the soap bar it was the shampoo bar that was the stand our for me and probably the best bar I've found since starting my eco journey. It keeps my hair clean without sucking out all of the moisture while leaving a beautiful scent behind, a total win-win!

I definitely recommended giving Nuddy a go and adding them into your eco conscious routine.

I'm now eyeing up the 'Velvet, Peony and Oud' candle on their site!

Nuddy Socials

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Instagram -

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Hashtags - #inthenuddy

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