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Testing: Pott Candles

Refillable, Vegan Candles... offer eco-friendly and refillable candles.

The seasons will change, the scents will change, but your Pott is in it for the long haul.” Pott Team

About Pott

Pott have created a way for us to enjoy candles more sustainably, they make beautiful hand-crafted candles and refillable pots here in the United Kingdom.

The brand was founded on three simple ideas; love your planet, support local artisan creators and always be kind!

The idea is that once you purchase your Pott you keep it and refill it with their pre-moulded candles to suit your mood and season. Each Pott is hand thrown by the potters Ellen and Jack and because of this no two Potts are the same, each one is completely unique.

All of their candles are vegan, cruelty-free and inspired by the earth. They are made using rapeseed and coconut wax with 100% natural essential oils and sustainable fragrance oils. Each of the large candles have a burn time of around 60hours and weigh 290g.

All of their items are made in small batches to ensure quality and to reduce any wastage, they also use recyclable packaging to ship!

Pott for Change

Pott, have teamed up with 'Young Minds' through 'Work for Good' and will be releasing a range of 'Pott for Change Candles'.

Young Minds is an incredible charity that provides young people with the tools to better take care of their mental health. They also work to give young people the space and confidence to have their voices heard and a chance to help change the world.

Pott for Change has two purposes; to provide help and support to vulnerable people across the UK and to make sure that Pott are leading by example and being proud of their “odd” stock.

The 'Change Candles' will be beautifully handcrafted ceramics, which are perfect to use as a trinket holders or plant pots. For each item sold, £5 will be donated directly to Young Minds.


These are the current incredible scents listed on their website:

  • Basil - A refreshing scent of basil, with notes of tarragon, anise and clove.

  • Eden - Bergamot and lemon blended with heart of lily of the valley, rosemary, mint, sage, basil, cardamom and black pepper infused with a vetiver, cedar and musk base. It is earthy, musky and sweet all in one.

  • Fig - A green herbal accord with notes of fig leaves, raspberry, cassis and rich plum along with succulent fruity fig notes blended with a woody base.

  • Jardin - A luxurious verdant scent of aromatic sage leaves and sweet lime supported by a refreshing backdrop of lime tree and garden sage flowers and hints of freshly cut grass.

  • Lavendula - Aromatic lavender with hints of clary sage, chamomile and geranium, entwined with refreshing notes of bergamot.

  • Natural - Unscented

  • Orangery - Orange blossom, rosemary and basil falling beautifully on to a base of cedarwood, oakmoss and woods.

  • Pomegranate - Pomegranate with red and citrusy fruits, warm spices and a base of patchouli, clove and amber.

  • Rosa - Rose with nuances of geranium and orange, all wrapped in a gently spiced based. A freshly picked bouquet of roses in full bloom.

  • Terra - A rich woody blend of cedarwood and earthy patchouli, infused with geranium, ylang ylang and smooth vetiver.

  • Tonka - A smooth, creamy Tonka mixed with earthy patchouli and woody cedar.

My Experience

I decided to try the 'Terra' scent for my first purchase as I love the more woody, musky and cosy scents and I was not at all disappointed, the Pott itself is beautifully crafted and looks wonderful in my home and the Terra scent is amazing and filled my entire cottage super quickly.

Refilling the Pott is super easy too, simply place your Pott into hot water and then slide the remaining inch of wax out like a disk!

I have since tried out the Orangery scent which is also beautiful and possibly my favourite so far, I'm already eyeing up the Pomegranate scent for my next purchase!

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