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Testing: Riley

Period products without the plastic...

Riley create plastic free and sustainable period products for everyone.

“At Riley, we're on a mission to end period plastic. That's why sustainability is one of our core values.” Riley Team

About Riley

Riley are working hard to change the period game with one simple aim, to make menstruation more sustainable.

The company was created by three women one night when an unexpected period arrived and there were no menstruation products in sight! The ladies knew there had to be a better way to manage our periods and to minimise the amount of plastic waste we use each month.

That's how Riley was born and now the company are able to offer plastic free and sustainable menstruation products that are better for you and kinder to the planet!

Riley's main mission will always be to make periods sustainable and to end period plastic so sustainability is one of their core values as well as making period care accessible to absolutely everyone, everywhere.

The company are also proud to be partnered with Development Pamoja to help end period poverty in Kenya.

Riley Products

Here are the current products that Riley are able to offer:

  • Tampons (regular and super)

  • Applicator Tampons (regular and super)

  • Pads

About Tampons

The Riley tampons are available both with or without the applicators.

Each of the tampons are:

  • Toxin Free

  • Compostable

  • Chemical Free

  • Made in Europe

  • 12 x Tampons Per Pouch

  • Available in 'Regular' or 'Super'

  • Made From 100% Certified Organic Cotton

The applicator tampon casings are made from recycled sugar cane making them recyclable!

About The Pads

Each of the pads is:

  • Toxin Free

  • Compostable

  • Chemical Free

  • Made in Europe

  • 12 x Pads Per Pouch

  • Leak-Proof Patented Design

  • Available in 'Regular' or 'Super'

  • Made From 100% Certified Organic Cotton

Both the backing film and the packaging for the pads is compostable!

Subscription - How it Works

Riley are proud to offer a subscription option which makes each box work out to around £3.81!

  1. Choose your plan (every 3 months or every 6 months)

  2. Customise your box and pick your pouches of tampons or pads

  3. A little extra treat (for first orders)

  4. Receive your sustainable period products!

Each plan is flexible and you can cancel or change your subscription whenever you want.


Riley products are manufactured ethically in Europe where the workers are paid a fair wage and working conditions are monitored to ensure they are safe.

The cotton used to create Riley products is 100% certified organic cotton meaning it is completely synthetic pesticide free!

Riley packaging is mostly compostable meaning it will not end up stuck in landfill or in oceans.

Development Pamoja

Development Pamoja is a project that's helping to combat period poverty in Kenya where around 50%-65% of girls do not have access to menstruation products.

The project works to both provide these ladies with sanitary products that they need and to educate them on menstrual health!

My Experience

Riley were kind enough to send me some of their products to test out!

I've been lucky enough to test out a range of eco period products and I can definitely say that Riley is one of my favourites.

The pads are super soft and comfortable without being too bulky and the applicator tampons are easy to use and both products prevented any leaks!

I highly recommend giving Riley a try if you're looking to make your periods more sustainable.

Items I tested - Applicator Tampons (Regular), Sanitary Pads (Regular)

Riley Socials

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Hashtags - #riley #weareriley

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