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Testing: Seep

Sustainable cleaning...

The Seep Company create sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning products for your home.

“We're on a mission to clean up the way we clean up.” The Seep Company Team

About The Seep Company

The Seep Company creates sustainable, everyday cleaning products. Their mission is to allow each of us to clean our homes and complete our chores without harming our planet.

After years of using harmful plastic sponges the Seep founder Laura Harnett decided it was time to act and instead of adding to the pollution she and Seep became the solution!

Seep now creates a new breed of household essentials which are not only designed to be better for the Earth and to work well but will also look great in your home.

The company itself is a registered B Corp, completely independent and based here in the United Kingdom with their suppliers based in Europe and China, which you can find out more about in the Sustainability section of this post.

Where Did The 'Seep' Name Come From?

The name 'Seep' is actually an acronym for 'Sustainable Everyday Essential Products'.

Seep Products

Here are the current products Seep are able to offer:

  • Cloths

  • Sponges

  • Bin Bags

  • Scourers

  • Tote Bags

  • Tea Towels

  • Cleaning Kits

  • Dish Brushes

  • Rubber Gloves

Along with each product listing, Seep also include details on how to care and dispose of your items so that you can get the best possible usage out of them!

Charity Partners

Here are the current charity partners that Seep are so proud to work with:

  • On A Misson

On A Mission is a Swiss, non-profit organisation that helps businesses and individuals invest in local reforestation projects to help offset their carbon emissions. You can find out more about On A Mission here.

  • Camp Kernow

Camo Kernow is an award winning organisation that helps to teach children about the importance of living more sustainably. You can find out more about Camp Kernow here.

  • The Felix Project

The Felix Project collects fresh food that does not meet the 'pretty' standards of supermarkets and redistributes it to charities and schools to help those most vulnerable. You can find out more about The Felix Project here.


Although Seep currently source their materials from Europe and China, they ensure that ethical and sustainability standards are met. They are also working to find out even more about those at the very top of their supply chain and to understand more about the current processes being used. If the opportunity arises then they will source their materials as close to home as possible!

Seep are working hard to become carbon negative and are currently using On A Mission to offset 3.5 times their carbon emissions!

All of the packaging that Seep uses is sourced sustainably and is made using only natural dyes meaning that it can be recycled.

Each product that Seep creates is also made from renewable material sources and are all vegan and cruelty-free!

My Experience

Seep were kind enough to send over some of their products for me to test out!

First let's start with the gloves, I've always been one of those people that feels queasy when touching soggy old food when doing the dishes so will always opt for gloves. The problem is that so many rubber gloves are designed to be single-use and are not recyclable, these ones from Seep however are made from natural rubber and are compostable!

The sponge is also compostable once it reaches its end of life and has some great cleaning power. The only negative is that it can take a little longer to soften up this sponge to then get into those nooks and cranny's but once its soft it works just as well (if not better) than nasty plastic sponges!

Items I was sent - Eco Sponge with Scourer (Single), Eco Rubber Gloves

The Seep Company Socials

Website - Seep | Quality Green Cleaning Essentials For The Home

Instagram - Seep (@theseepcompany)

Facebook - Seep | London | Facebook

TikTok - Seep (@theseepcompany) | TikTok

Hashtags - #seep #theseepcompany

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