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Testing: Smol Laundry Pods

A laundry revolution...

Smol create eco-friendly cleaning products that are delivered straight to your home.

“We have created the most effective concentrated laundry capsule in the world.” Smol Team

About Smol

Smol create eco-friendly home cleaning products from laundry pods to surface sprays. The company was founded with the aim to create a better way to buy cleaning products and that was to create eco-friendly, high-performance products at an affordable price.

Smol use plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging where they can and when it's not possible they ensure that they use post-consumer waste that's recyclable or returnable for reuse which creates bottles for life!

You can also trial some of the products by just covering postage (£1) so that you can make sure you love them before you commit to a subscription.

About the Laundry Pods

If you're looking for a more sustainable option for laundry pods, here are a few benefits of the ones from Smol:

  • Cruelty Free (Leaping Bunny Certified)

  • Fragrance made from ethically sourced essential oils

  • Bespoke, recyclable, plastic-free packaging

  • Made to the highest quality standard

  • Less chemical dry matter per wash

  • Forest Stewardship Council approved

  • Generates 35% less carbon per capsule

  • Available in bio and non-bio formulas

Each 24 capsule pack costs £4.50 and Smol are so confident you'll love their products that they offer a 100% money back guarantee!

Get your free trial here (9 washes) -

How the Subscription Works

  1. Select your pod type (bio/non-bio)

  2. Select how many capsules you use per wash

  3. Choose how many washes you do a week

  4. Smol will calculate how many pods you'll need and how often!

No worries if you don't need more pods yet as you can change your frequency as often as you like!

What's the Difference Between Bio and Non-Bio

Bio - Bio detergents contain enzymes which help to break down common stains.

Non-Bio - Non-bio means that the detergent does not contain enzymes and is usually better for people that suffer from sensitive skin.

My Experience

I've tested both the bio and non-bio laundry tablets from Smol and both work incredibly well. I love the fresh scent of the bio tabs as it's super natural unlike some fragrances that can be so overpowering. My clothes feel lovely and clean so the pods are definitely doing their job!

The fact that the pods can be delivered straight through the letterbox was a total bonus and there is always minimal packaging. The packaging itself benefits from a built in child-lock which I can see being brilliant for families with small children.

I'm now looking at testing the surface sprays from Smol after having such a positive experience and will let you know how I get on!

Smol Socials

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Instagram -


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