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Testing: Tongues Club

Vegan and natural dentistry products... are changing the face of dentistry.

“We are dentists striving to make a difference with plastic free, cruelty free and vegan products to protect your health and your planet.” Tongues Club

About Tongues Club

Tongues Club was founded by a team of dentists that all had the same idea, to make products that not only improve their clients health but also the health of our planet.

The Tongues mission is to change the face of dentistry by introducing sustainable and reusable products that help to protect our environment. Their aim is to reduce the amount of wastage and throw-away products associated with the oral heath sector.

Each of their products are created with sustainable materials, made in the United Kingdom with sustainable manufacturing practises and are 100% plastic free.

About the Toothpaste Tablets

The 'Peppermint Toothpaste Tablets' are vegan and made with gluten and SLS free ingredients making them accessible to a much wider customer base. The tablets contain Fluoride which is clinically proven to prevent decay and also work to remineralise tooth enamel.

The pouches are also home compostable and certified by TUV (Technical Inspection Association),

How To Use

Using the toothpaste tablets are so easy:

  1. Pop one tablet in your mouth and chew to break it up

  2. Moisten your toothbrush

  3. Brush teeth as normal!

About the Toothbrushes

The 'Bamboo Toothbrush' is made with medium bristles which is recommended by dentists to be effective enough to remove plaque but not too hard to cause any damage to your gums. The brushes benefit from having natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.

The bristles are made from Nylon and the handle is made of Moso Bamboo which is recognised as a global A-brand due to its focus on sustainability. The brush head is detachable and able to be composted at home and is also replaceable which helps to reduce on packaging.

The brushes are currently available in three colours; black, white and grey.

Toothbrush Facts

  1. You should change your toothbrush every 3 months

  2. The average toothbrush has over 1000 bristles

  3. We throw away over 200 million toothbrushes each year in the UK

  4. Brushing twice a day helps to keep cavities away

  5. You should spend a minimum of 2 minutes when brushing your teeth

My Experience

I'd been looking for alternatives to common toothpaste tubes since I started my sustainable journey and all I was finding were toothpowders which I knew I wouldn't like the texture of.

Finally I landed on the Tongues Club page and immediately knew I had to try their toothpaste tablets, I ordered a 3 month supply and one of their bamboo toothbrushes (in grey).

I found the tablets so easy to use and they actually made my mouth feel clean which I will admit is always a worry when switching to more ethical and eco solutions. The gentle peppermint taste is perfect for the whole family and leaves you with fresh breath throughout the day.

I now keep my tablets in a little jar in the bathroom which looks far more pleasing than bright, plastic tubes and the bamboo toothbrush is such a natural and sleek design that easily outshines it's plastic competitors.

My next step is now to search for a sustainable mouthwash!

Tongues Club Socials

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