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Testing: Wild Deodorant

Sustainable, Natural Deodorant... have just launched their new limited edition 'Lemon Meringue' scent.

“We have sourced nature’s finest ingredients to create a next-level deodorant that is kind to your skin and the planet.” Wild

About Wild

Wild is the World's first zero-plastic refillable deodorant. Their refills are made from plants, packaged from plants and can even be composted down to feed your own plants!

Each case is made from anodised aluminium and recycled plastic meaning they are made to last.

How it Works

1. Choose Your Case

The refillable Wild case is available in a range of colours. I personally chose Rose Gold.

2. Set up Your Flexible Refill Frequency

Choose how often you want the refills to be delivered and which scents you would like. You can change your scents as often as you want and if you already have a bunch of refills stocked up you can skip a month!

Each refill lasts around 4-6 weeks with daily use so works out to around £5per month.

My Experience

I've been using Wild for a while now and I can honestly say that I'm never going back to other deodorants!

Obviously the most amazing pro to this company for me is the sustainability factors. Having a stylish reusable deodorant case with paper refills is fantastic and such an amazing addition to anyone looking to add to their zero waste routine.

The biggest question I'm sure you all have is, does it actually work? Simply put, yes! I will admit that it did take a few weeks for my body to adjust but now I stay fresh from morning to night without any issues.

The scents are incredible with Peach Bellini my current favourite (limited edition) and the Coconut Dreams option coming in a close second. They are always coming out with new limited edition scents that I'm always excited to try, the newest launch being Jasmine and Mandarin Blossom!

The Natural Deodorant Transition Phase

For those that are wondering what I mean, when making the switch from aluminium based anti-perspirant and deos to Wild, there is a transition phase.

When it comes to aluminium based products, they often work by clogging up your pores like a plug to prevent you from sweating and therefore keep you dry. So, when this aluminium plug is pulled your body starts releasing all of that build up of trapped sweat, some aluminium and waste meaning that you may find yourself smelling pretty bad until this transition process is over.

This is useful to know as it has nothing to do with your natural deodorant! After your body has expelled the built up waste your Wild deo will work flawlessly!


Wild have made offsetting their priority and for every deodorant sold, they will contribute a percentage of sales to the climate charity 'On A Mission', which supports their various reforestation projects.

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