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The Eco News

Environmental, sustainable and happy news...

The Eco News focuses on environmental, happy and sustainable news from around the world.

“We are working to raise awareness to help save the planet, our oceans and the rainforests.” The Eco News

About The Eco News

The Eco News is a seasonal newspaper dedicated to all things eco and sustainable.

The paper has been created to help educate people on sustainability and to share amazing stories and articles on how you can make a difference to our planet with simple and small changes in your day-to-day life.

Inside you'll find 28 pages of eco joy including; tips and ideas on how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, eco news from all over the world, information on local eco business, zero waste product recommendations and so much more!

Eco News have also just launched their Kids Eco Newspaper which is filled with eco facts and activities to educate your little ones.

Each month, the paper donates a percentage of their profits to One Tree Planted projects that plant trees all over the world.

The digital edition retails for £2.99 while the printed version is offered for £3.99.

Sustainably Made

The Eco News paper is made from sustainably sourced materials that are EU Ecolabel, FSC and PEFC certified.

The toners and inks used are made using 100% green energy, are in recyclable containers, free from solvents, free from volatile organic compounds and de-inkable meaning the paper is able to be recycled!

The print warehouse is fitted with solar panels which provide enough power yearly to print The Eco Newspaper.

My Experience

I have been lucky enough to grab a copy of the last two editions (First Edition and Spring Edition) and can honestly say I've loved both of them!

The first edition came with a monthly tick list of some great eco ideas like 'planting a tree in your garden' and 'creating a compost bin' which have been fun to complete and check off. There's some brilliant articles on how to live a more eco lifestyle and the simple swaps you can make to help the planet.

The latest edition contains some fun activities, news, more recommendations of some amazing companies and even a coupon code for Little Green Orca!

Being able to find new ethical companies and learning about new ways to improve my own lifestyle for the better has been so beneficial to my eco journey.

I'm looking forward to the next edition and hopefully the many more to come!

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