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Visit to York @alexandra.mount

Updated: Apr 10

Supporting the slow fashion movement, outfit nine...

My main focus has always been based around slow fashion and building a more sustainable wardrobe.

Now I want to share my own sustainable and slow fashion outfits with all of you over on my @alexandra.mount Instagram page! Every few weeks you can expect a new outfit with a breakdown on where I source the items, any upcycling I've done for the fit and the overall cost of each. Outfit nine is now ready to view below!

Outfit Nine

For this look I wanted to be super chic while exploring York, I stuck to a black and silver palette but added in lots of different textures.

Sourcing the Outfits

Most of these items were bought from secondhand apps while others have been in my wardrobe for years! My accessories (belt and bag) were bought new.



This jumper dress is so soft and super comfy and the ribbed detail also makes it really flattering. I always struggle to find dresses that will be long enough for me and actually cover my bottom as I'm on the taller size but this one is just about a safe length! A great little Vinted find!



I've wanted a blazer that was more of a dress / mini dress length for a while so that I could style it over bike shorts and shorter dresses and this one works pretty well. It is technically men's and I had to size up quite a bit to get my desired length but luckily there are loads of this type of blazer on Vinted!



These tights got so popular at one stage but I wasn't about to spend £225 on the genuine Gucci tights so instead opted for these dupes (Amazon). They fit really well and they come in a pack of two, one pair black and the other white.



These boots are the most uncomfortable things I've worn in a long time, they look great but my poor feet were shredded after only a few hours! If you are after something like this I recommend finding some with super squishy insoles which is what I will likely search for now.



This bag was definitely worth the initial purchase at this point! I've worn it so many times and am still so proud to have it as part of my wardrobe.



I still wear these belts (Amazon) in both the bronze and silver options so often that there hasn't been any need to purchase another belt! The simple design matches almost every outfit so I can see me wearing them for years to come.



This necklace is one of my more recent Vinted finds and I love it! It's a Prada rework which is a great example of what you can do with upcycling, super simple but so elegant.



Another new addition from Amazon! I hate styling my hair as it takes forever and I have no idea what I'm doing but this little bow just snaps into place for a cute yet chic look.


Total Outfit Cost - £227.07


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