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Vivaia Collection

Stylish and sustainable footwear...

Vivaia create luxurious and fashion-forward footwear that is sustainable.

“VIVAIA is on a mission to create sustainable and stylish footwear that is responsible from start to finish.” Vivaia Team

About Vivaia

Vivaia was established in 2021 with the mission to create stylish footwear that is both fashion-forward and sustainable.

The brand never want to stop improving and have set themselves the challenge to become the most sustainable brand in the fashion industry!

Vivaia focus on creating a positive impact on the world and its people by providing quality products at a fair price all while being kinder to the planet.

By using recycled materials and 3D technology, the company has been able to establish a zero-waste process to create their seamless 3D knitted shoe designs for the ultimate combination of comfort and function.

Vivaia also cut down on unnecessary waste where possible and create their packaging using 90% recycled cardboard and they try to avoid artificial colours.

What Does Vivaia Mean?

The name VIVAIA was born from the idea that customers and a company’s purpose are what makes up its true identity.

The double ‘V’ and ‘A’ symbolize the shoes worn by consumers, with designs coming from opposite directions and the double ‘I’ represents the plastic bottles that the company use in producing their shoes.

Therefore, the VIVAIA brand name is designed to signify the combination of products, people and the environmentally-friendly processes and production methods.


Vivaia source their materials from carefully selected suppliers and only use factories that have passed their sustainability criteria.

Each of their factories must participate in frequent assessments to guarantee continuous fair, safe and healthy working conditions throughout the production process.

Their factory uses partially renewable energy and cuts down on unnecessary usage and waste in simple ways like turning off the lighting during the day.


Vivaia company use recycled materials obtained from plastic water bottles to create their footwear. They turn the bottles into spools of thread to knit the surface material for their shoe, creating a signature sustainable material that will last for years to come.

The eco-friendly deodorizing insole is made from a mix of natural herbal and PU foam making it cushiony, supportive, breathable, mould-proof and moisture-wicking helping to combat smelly feet!

The carbon-free rubber outsoles are created using carbon-free rubber for a highly elastic and flexible feel that is shock-resistant, fungi-proof and odour-resistant.

My Experience

Vivaia were so kind to send me a pair of their shoes to test out and I was not disappointed!

These loafers are incredibly comfy and fit like an absolute dream and have fast become my perfect summery shoe. I'm yet to test out the machine washable function so will update you all soon.

I highly recommend having a look on the Vivaia website as there are so many stylish and sustainable options to chose from!

The style I have - Reva Loafer in Cream Ivory - these particular shoes are made using 6 recycled plastic bottles (from city waste and the ocean) and are completely machine washable!

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