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What Empowers Me Campaign

Let's find out what empowers you...

Miss Eco United Kingdom Finalist 2021, Lauri Ellen has launched her 'What Empowers Me' campaign.

''There should be a general consensus that women should be able to do whatever they want without judgement” Lauri

About What Empowers Me

This campaign encourages people to share what makes them feel empowered. Whether it's fighting for what you believe in, doing well at work, learning something new, completing a goal or practising self-care. What Empowers Me, wants to know what empowers you.

Whatever it is that gives you confidence and makes you feel powerful, celebrate it and let's build each other up!

Definition of Empowerment

The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.

What Empowers Me

Being an eco ambassador empowers me and inspiring change that helps the planet. If just one person learns something from my Instagram or this blog about ways we can be more sustainable then I'll have done my job. Recently I've been nominated for an 'Inspiring Bird Award' and could not feel more empowered and incredibly grateful!

Of course seeing my eco-friendly business grow gives me great empowerment too. Being recognised for the the ways I'm helping the planet gives me so much drive and ambition to keep moving forward! Last year skvngr was nominated for 3 'Mercury Business Awards' including; Best New Start-up, Business Person of the Year and Small Business of the Year.

Get Involved

To join in with this campaign, simply take a photo showing what empowers you and use the #whatempowersme hashtag!

Don't forget to tag Lauri on Instagram.

What Empowers Me Socials

Instagram -

Hashtags - #whatempowersme

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