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Words Matter Campaign

What would you tell your younger self...

Ms Bristol 21/22, Rebecca Kate-Louise has launch her 'Words Matter' campaign.

''Very often, language and speech contributes to bad mental health. We can’t control what others say, but we can control our own self thoughts and speech.'' Rebecca

About Words Matter

This campaign encourages everyone to think about the things they would tell their younger selves if it was possible to go back in time.

For most people the teenage years can be an uncertain and painful experience full of comparisons and pressure from those around us. I'm sure that once we leave the school dynamic many of us wish we could pass on some advice to our younger selves.

Let's fill our feeds with inspiring words and positivity for all those teens to come!

Words of Wisdom for Teenagers

  1. Tell the truth - even if it can be difficult, honesty really is the best policy

  2. Live in the moment - it's only after the moment has passed that it becomes a memory

  3. Making mistakes is okay - mistakes are how we learn

  4. Treat others how you wish to be treated - karma comes back around so be respectful

  5. Don't let fear hold you back - if you don't try then you'll never know

  6. It's perfectly okay to cry - never bottle up your emotions

  7. Find joy in every moment - try to be more optimistic and enjoy life

  8. Perfect does not exist - no one is perfect and we all have our demons

  9. Dream big - never stop dreaming and working to achieve the life you want

  10. Life is not a competition - focus on YOU

What I'd Tell My Younger Self

I'd simply tell myself to 'focus on you'.

So many times in my teenage years I pandered to those around me and was such a people pleaser terrified that someone may not like me. Nowadays if someone doesn't like me then that is none of my business and quite frankly their loss!

I no longer compare myself to others and focus on my own life and own goals.

Success and happiness starts with you!

Get Involved

To join in with this campaign simply share a photo of yourself with the 'the way you speak to yourself matters' asset and mention what you'd tell your younger self!

Don't forget to tag Rebecca in your posts and use the #wordsmatter hashtag!

Words Matter Socials

Instagram - Rebecca (@rebeccaklxo)

Facebook - Ms Bristol 21/22 MMB Finalist

Hashtags - #wordsmatter

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