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Say No To New Project

About Say No To New

I have launched this campaign to encourage people to search for alternative ways to shop for 'new' clothes. Nowadays there are so many options to support the slow fashion movement and achieve a sustainable wardrobe!

Thrifting, renting and upcycling are all easy ways to not only shop more eco-friendly but also save yourself a lot of money. Often charity stores or online preloved apps and sites have thousands of hidden gems that would make fabulous additions to your closet.

Slow fashion doesn't just mean preloved or upcycled. You can still support the movement by searching for organic pieces or garments made from recycled fabric as these have a much lower carbon footprint.


How it Works

Each month, there will be an asset to download here at where all you'll need to do is add a photograph of yourself in a slow fashion outfit. You can share where you got your outfit from in your description to help others learn about shopping sustainably!

Don't forget to tag @eco.lexi and @saynotonewproject and use the #saynotonewproject hashtag to have your pledge shared on the official Instagram page.


Slow Fashion Looks

I'll be sharing my own slow fashion looks each week on Instagram with information on where I found each piece and the cost of each outfit. I'll also be sharing everyone else's looks and doing an 'Outfit of the Week' segment. You'll also be able to find all of the looks on this page.


Slow Fashion Shoutout

Each month there will be slow fashion shoutouts over on Instagram where we'll recommend apps and brands that exercise sustainable practises and are worth supporting!

Latest Asset

Below you will find the asset for June ready to download! 

If you have any issues with the download please reach out to us on Instagram and we will send you the asset direct.

Don't forget to tag @eco.lexi and @saynotonewproject in your posts and use the #saynotonewproject hashtag.

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